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Yoga for Back Pain Relief: Explore Comprehensive Online Courses

Struggling with back pain? Discover the benefits of yoga for back pain relief with our comprehensive online courses. Each course is specially designed to target and alleviate common problems associated with back pain. This offers you a path to improved health and comfort.

Foundations of Yoga for Back Pain: Gentle Introduction to Healing and Strengthening

Our “Yoga for Back Pain” course offers a gentle introduction to foundational poses and alignment principles. Designed specifically for less experienced yoga practitioners, these classes provide accessible poses and effective techniques to alleviate discomfort and improve your overall well-being.

Advanced Techniques for Back Pain Relief: Exploring Therapeutic Poses and Modifications

Seeking advanced level? Explore our “Yoga for Back Pain – Experienced Students” course, delving deeper into therapeutic poses and modifications. These classes are tailored to experienced yogis, offering advanced poses and specialised techniques to address the unique needs of advanced practitioners.

Flexible Options for Every Level: Customised Courses for Your Unique Needs

With varying durations and difficulty levels, our courses cater to diverse needs and skill levels. Begin your journey towards a pain-free back today, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi. Seize the chance to enhance your online yoga practice and find respite from lower back pain.

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Take a glimpse below to get a preview of the on-demand videos in our yoga for lower back pain courses. To access the full courses on, click here for Intermediate or Advanced

Yoga For Back Pain

Soothing Yoga Poses for Lower Back Pain Relief: Alleviate Discomfort and Restore Well-Being

Relieve Lower Back Pain with Soothing Yoga Poses. This class offers a sequence of poses to release tight muscles and provide relief for your lower back. Accessible during discomfort, it includes variations of calming poses like pavana muktasana, malasana, and supta padangusthasana. Experience relief from aches, boost energy levels, and reduce stress and anxiety. Discover the power of yoga for back pain relief today.

yoga for the upper back

Alleviate Upper Back Pain with Yoga: Correct Posture and Strengthen Your Thoracic Spine

Counteract excessive forward curvature caused by sedentary habits and computer use. Explore poses targeting tight chest muscles and weak thoracic muscles to improve upper back health. Enhance postural awareness and restore balance.

yoga for lower back pain

Experience Relief for Lower Back Pain through Iyengar Yoga: Enhancing Spinal Health and Preventing Age-related Stiffness

Discover how Iyengar yoga can improve spinal balance, mobility, and strength. Safely modify challenging poses to accommodate lower back issues. Develop a repertoire of therapeutic poses to alleviate discomfort and promote healing.

yoga for the upper back

Enhance Thoracic Mobility: Relieve Tension from Computer-related Strain

Ideal for restricted movement or discomfort in the upper back, this class improves thoracic spine mobility. Utilise yoga blocks to address rounding and open the upper chest, alleviating neck and shoulder strain.

back care and gentle twists

Unlock Your Back’s Potential with Soothing Poses and Gentle Twists

Relieve Pain and Promote Mobility. Perfect for those with lower back stiffness or discomfort, including after backbends. Tailored for intermediates and beneficial for experienced practitioners seeking post-backbend release. Enhance lumbar relief, prevent injuries, and foster spinal well-being.

back pain relief

Alleviate Lower Back Tension with Soothing Poses: Find Relief and Boost Energy Levels

This class targets tight muscles, providing accessible relief during back discomfort. Experience variations of calming poses like pavana muktasana, malasana, and supta padangusthasana. Beyond pain relief, it revitalises energy levels and promotes stress and anxiety reduction.

back care

Home Yoga Practice for Back Care: Restore Your Spine’s Health and Relieve Discomfort

No specialist props needed, just a chair and belt. Designed for housebound individuals, it counteracts the negative impacts of a sedentary lifestyle and cramped spaces. Combat posture issues caused by prolonged sitting and hunching over screens. Amidst the lockdown, prioritise your spinal health and alleviate aches through mobilising poses in all directions. Experience relief and promote long-term spine wellness from the comfort of your home.


back care yoga poses

Back-Friendly Yoga Poses: Enhance Spinal Health

Suitable for individuals with back pain, asymmetries, or seeking overall spine wellness. Experience therapeutic poses and variations to alleviate discomfort. Improve hip mobility, hamstring flexibility, posture, and overall yoga practice. Suitable for experienced students.

back releasing twists

Back Releasing Twists: Restore Mobility in Your Spine

Explore standing, seated, and chair twists. Enhance spinal lengthening and controlled leverage with chair support. Maximise the effect with wall assistance. Dynamic class to release muscle tension and improve spinal movement.

yoga for sciatica

Relieve Sciatic Pain: Yoga Poses for Lower Back Relief and Decompression

Avoid discomfort from poor posture. Gentle traction to the lumbar spine. Ease sciatica, lower back aches, and pains. Release tension after backbends. Decompress the spine and stretch the piriformis region for soothing relief.

yoga for the lumbar spine

Lumbar Spine Care: Therapeutic Yoga Poses

This class offers a comprehensive selection of poses specifically designed to target the health of your lumbar spine. Whether you’re dealing with tightness, discomfort, or general aches in your lower back, this sequence will provide the much-needed relief you seek. With a focus on proper alignment and mindful movement, you’ll learn how to release tension, improve flexibility, and cultivate stability in your lumbar region. Embrace the transformative power of yoga and nurture the well-being of your lumbar spine with this rejuvenating class.

yoga for the lumbar spine

Protecting and Supporting Your Lower Back

In this class, we delve into techniques to safeguard your lumbar spine during poses that can strain the lower back. The lumbar region plays a vital role in both mobility and weight-bearing strength, but it can be prone to imbalances and injuries when pushed too far. With focused attention, we address the lumbar spine’s needs, especially in inversions and backbends. These poses often trigger tightness or discomfort in the lower back, which, if ignored, can increase the risk of injury. Our sequence combines inversions and backbends while incorporating a yoga block to create support and enhance the lumbar spine’s natural ability to handle different positions. Join this class to nurture your lumbar spine and promote a healthy, pain-free back.

yoga for kyphosis

Prevent Kyphosis with Yoga: Poses for the Thoracic Spine

Kyphosis, characterised by excessive forward curvature of the spine and hunching in the upper back, can result from poor posture, sedentary lifestyles, and prolonged computer use. Individuals with kyphosis often experience tightness in their upper chest and weakness in their upper back muscles. In this class, we focus on preventive poses to combat kyphosis. You’ll learn chest-opening poses and upper back-strengthening exercises. The sequence also enhances your overall postural awareness, empowering you to maintain a healthy upper back alignment. Join us to proactively address and prevent kyphosis through the healing power of yoga.

Unlocking the Healing Power of Yoga: Embrace Back Pain Relief and Holistic Well-being

In conclusion, yoga offers a holistic approach to addressing back pain and promoting back pain relief. Whether you’re suffering from lower back pain, sciatica, or issues with the upper back, incorporating yoga into your routine can provide tremendous benefits. By practicing specific poses that target and release tension in the back muscles, improving spinal mobility, and cultivating proper posture, you can experience a significant reduction in pain and discomfort. Additionally, yoga not only addresses the physical aspects of back pain but also promotes relaxation, stress reduction, and overall well-being. Embrace the power of yoga for back pain relief and embark on a transformative journey towards a stronger, healthier, and pain-free back. Start your yoga practice today and discover the profound impact it can have on your back health and quality of life.

Experience Tailored Back Pain Relief with Yoga Selection’s On-Demand Video Courses

Yoga Selection is proud to present this collection of carefully crafted online yoga courses designed to target and alleviate common problems associated with back pain. Each course is thoughtfully created, offering a comprehensive range of on-demand video classes that guide you through specific yoga sequences tailored to address different aspects of back pain relief. Whether you are a beginner seeking a gentle introduction, an intermediate practitioner desiring deeper therapeutic poses, or someone looking to prevent and maintain a healthy spine, our courses cater to diverse needs and skill levels. With the convenience of on-demand videos, you can access these classes anytime and anywhere, allowing you to embark on your journey towards a pain-free back at your own pace and convenience.

As a Yoga Selection member you will also have unlimited access to our extensive video library with 650+ on demand classes, a wide array of additional courses, with two new videos released each week. You can also join live classes in real time for more personalised input. 

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