Back Care – Weekly Intermediate Class 166

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Back care class for home yoga practice. This class will help to release your back and improve the ongoing health of your spine without relying on any specialist yoga props. It can be completed using just a domestic chair and regular belt. The sequence has been created with housebound people in mind. Many people around the world are feeling the negative impact of cramming work, recreation and most other aspects of their lives into the one living space. Many of these activities entail hunching over a screen or sitting uncomfortably in chairs for long periods of time. The corona lockdown has enforced a more sedentary lifestyle in confined spaces for many of us. As the weeks go by this can start to have a negative impact on our posture and aches and pains can begin to manifest. People who have been in the habit of managing spinal ailments with regular outdoor exercise might be experiencing a flare up of their symptoms during this time. This back care class features poses that help to mobilise your spine in all directions, It will help to ease discomfort and promote the ongoing health of your spine.

Key Poses

Utthita hasta padangusthasana, trikonasana, parsvottanasana, utkatasana, chatushpadasana, supta padangusthasana.


Mat, chair, belt.

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