Lower Back Support – Weekly Advanced Class 207

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This class explores ways of supporting and protecting your lumbar spine in a variety of poses that can be potentially problematic for your lower back. The lumbar spine can simultaneously contribute mobility and weight bearing strength to the whole body. However, when overworked or overloaded this region of the body can be vulnerable to imbalances and injuries. Careful awareness of the lumbar spine is particularly important when practicing inversions and backbends. In these poses it can be common for people to experience a sense of tightness or pinching in the lumbar region. Left unchecked this can potentially increase the risk of injury. The class explores ways of supporting your lower back in a sequence that includes both inversions and backbends. In a number of the poses a yoga block is gripped between the legs to create an action that helps to support the lumbar spine and enhance its natural ability to bear the weight of the body in a variety of positions.

Key Poses

Sirsasana, ustrasana, chatushpadasana.


Mat, blanket, 2 blocks, belt.

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