Yoga For Flexibility

Yoga For Flexibility

A 5-Class Series for Enhancing Mobility in Stiff Bodies

The journey to flexibility doesn’t have a one size fits all route, especially when starting from a place of stiffness. This bespoke five-class yoga series is crafted with the understanding that every body is unique, and every individual faces their own set of challenges when it comes to flexibility.

yoga poses for stiff bodies

A Course Designed for Stiff Bodies

This course features classes tailored for those who encounter resistance in forward bends and shoulder movements – common areas of tension. Each class in the series addresses different facets of stiffness, ensuring a holistic approach to improving flexibility .

forward bends for stiff bodies

A Step-by-Step Approach to Yoga For Flexibility

In each class we guide participants through gentle, incremental stretches and strengthening poses that cater specifically to less flexible bodies. We explore modifications and employ props that help make traditional yoga poses more accessible and enjoyable, without the pressure of achieving the ‘perfect’ form.

yoga for tight shoulder

The Full Spectrum of Movement

Beyond hamstrings and shoulders, our course expands to encompass the entire body. We touch upon hip openers, gentle backbends, and soothing twists. Each class builds upon the last, creating a foundation of movement that brings suppleness to every muscle group.

yoga for tight hamstrings

The Key Benefits of Increasing Flexibility

Improving flexibility is akin to turning back the clock on your body’s age. It enhances range of motion, which reduces the risk of injury and the wear and tear on joints, making daily activities easier and less prone to strain. Greater flexibility also leads to improved circulation, better posture, and stress relief, as supple muscles hold less tension. On the deeper level of bodily functions, it facilitates the release of synovial fluid, providing natural lubrication to your joints. As you enhance your flexibility, you may also notice a calming effect on the mind, as the physical act of stretching can help to dissipate stress and promote a sense of well-being. Overall, embracing flexibility training is an investment in your physical and mental health, paving the way for a more active, pain-free, and relaxed lifestyle.

forward bends for tight hamstrings

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