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Yoga for Shoulders: Enhance Mobility and Relieve Discomfort

Yoga offers a holistic approach to improving our physical and mental well-being. When it comes to the shoulders, a complex region of the body prone to stiffness and discomfort, incorporating yoga into your routine can be incredibly beneficial. In this article, we will explore various yoga poses and sequences specifically designed to enhance shoulder mobility, relieve tension, and promote overall shoulder health. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, these practices will help you unlock the full potential of your shoulders.

shoulder anatomy

Understanding Shoulder Anatomy:

To make the most of your yoga for shoulders practice, it’s important to grasp the basics of shoulder anatomy. The shoulder is a complex joint consisting of key structures like the rotator cuff, deltoid muscle, and scapula. The rotator cuff, comprising four muscles, provides stability and control. The deltoid muscle, with its three parts, facilitates arm movements. The scapula, or shoulder blade, offers stability and serves as an attachment point for shoulder muscles. By understanding shoulder anatomy, you’ll gain insights into how yoga poses can target and benefit this region, improving your practice and alignment. yoga for shoulders

Foundational Yoga for Shoulder Health: For All Levels

This Introductory Yoga For Shoulders Course is designed for less experienced yoga students. It offers a series of classes focusing on shoulder mobility, providing adaptations of classical standing poses and specific variations that target the shoulder region. This course is ideal for individuals looking to improve their shoulder health and mobility, even with restricted movement or shoulder difficulties.

quick and easy shoulder sequence

Class 1: Enhance Shoulder Mobility with Standing Poses

Try this simple and easy sequence for your shoulders. It guides you on using standing poses to improve shoulder mobility. The class includes adaptations of classical standing poses and specific variations targeting the shoulder region.

yoga for tight shoulder

Class 2: Release Stiffness with Shoulder-Opening Yoga Poses

Yoga for tight shoulders. This class features a sequence of basic shoulder-opening yoga poses to improve overall shoulder mobility and release stiffness.

chair yoga for shoulders

Class 3: Chair Yoga Sequence for Shoulder Opening

Try this chair yoga sequence for your shoulders. Explore ways to use a chair to open your shoulders and safely explore the edges of your comfort zone.

yoga for shoulders and upper back

Class 4: Strengthen and Stabilise the Upper Back and Shoulders

Yoga for the upper back and shoulders. Focuses on the neck and the regions surrounding it, including the upper back and shoulders. Includes poses that improve strength, mobility, and stability.

yoga poses for shoulders

Class 5: Seated Poses for Shoulder Opening and Mobility

Seated shoulder opening poses. A 35-minute class featuring shoulder-opening poses that can be completed from a seated position, targeting all directions within your shoulder range of movement.

standing poses for shoulders

Class 6: Standing Poses to Improve Shoulder Mobility

Standing poses for shoulder mobility. Utilises standing poses to improve shoulder mobility, offering adaptations for restricted movement and shoulder difficulties.

seated shoulder yoga poses

Class 7: Chair-Based Sequence for Shoulder Mobility and Tension Release

Chair-based shoulder-opening sequence. A 35-minute class that uses a chair and includes various poses and arm variations to enhance shoulder mobility and release tension.

yoga for the rotator cuff

Class 8: Improve Rotator Cuff Health with Yoga Poses

Yoga poses for the rotator cuff. This class focuses on improving the health of the rotator cuff muscles and overall shoulder health and mobility.

yoga poses for shoulders

Advanced Yoga for Shoulders: Deepen Your Practice and Address Specific Shoulder Issues

This Advanced Yoga For Shoulders Course is tailored for more experienced yoga students. It features a comprehensive selection of poses and variations that not only enhance overall shoulder health and mobility but also address specific issues such as rotator cuff impingement and shoulder bursitis. This course delves deeper into therapeutic techniques and offers a wider range of challenging asanas, suitable for those seeking to refine their practice and tackle specific shoulder-related concerns.

shoulder bursitis

Class 1: Yoga Pose for Shoulder Bursitis Relief

Yoga pose for relief from shoulder bursitis. Targets shoulder bursitis, addressing inflammation in the bursae associated with shoulder tendons.

yoga for wrists

Class 2: Yoga for Healthy Wrists and Shoulder Support

Yoga for wrists. Focuses on wrist opening, exploring general mobility, strength, and modifications for poses that can strain the wrists.

inversions & shoulder mobility

Class 3: Enhancing Shoulder Alignment with Inversions

Inversions and shoulders. Emphasises key inversions like handstand and forearm balance, promoting healthy shoulder alignment and techniques to avoid neck and spine pressure.

yoga for shoulders

Class 4: Comprehensive Yoga Poses for Shoulder Discomfort

Deep dive into yoga poses for shoulders. A comprehensive selection of poses and adaptations to address shoulder discomfort, instability, and restricted movement.

shoulder opening yoga poses

Class 5: Shoulder-Opening Sequence for Neck and Wrist Benefits

Shoulder-opening sequence benefiting wrists and neck. Explores therapeutic poses and adaptations to improve shoulder health, while also benefiting the wrists and neck.

Shoulder traction yoga poses

Class 6: Alleviating Rotator Cuff Impingement and Bursitis

Relief from rotator cuff impingement and shoulder bursitis. Focuses on creating space for muscles and tendons associated with the shoulder joint.

shoulder yoga poses

Class 7: Chair and Wall Sequence for Improved Shoulder Mobility

Short sequence to improve shoulder mobility. A simple yet effective class using a chair and wall for poses that explore the full range of movement in the shoulders.


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