Head to the classes page to stream Weekly Intermediate Class 41. This 35 minute class will help to improve the mobility of your shoulders. Some specific shoulder poses are included in the sequence, but in addition to this, adaptations have been made to other classical poses in order to focus on shoulders. You will be guided through adaptations of standing poses such as trikonasana, virabhadrasana I and parsvottanasana enabling you to work on your shoulders whilst still improving your leg strength and flexibility. Some of the adjustments will help you to challenge your shoulders, whilst other adjustments will assist people needing to accomodate shoulder problems.

Increasing the mobility of your shoulders will help to not only improve your overall posture, it may also help to develop your full spectrum of yoga poses. Poses such as backbends and twists in particular may start to come more easily as your shoulders progressively open.

Key Poses: Garudasana, gomukhasana, trikonasana, virabhadrasana I, parsvottanasana