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Yoga for Healthy Knees: Therapeutic Classes for Pain Relief and Strength

In this article, we’ll explore how yoga can provide relief from knee pain and improve the overall health of your knees. We’ll introduce you to specialised classes designed to provide relief, strengthen knee muscles, and enhance mobility through targeted yoga poses. Additionally, we’ll present a practical six-part online “Yoga For Healthy Knees” course on, equipping you with essential tools to care for and protect your knees.

The Importance of Knee Health in Yoga Practice

Yoga is a practice that places emphasis on balance, flexibility, and strength. Your knees play a crucial role in supporting your body during various yoga poses. Unfortunately, knee pain and discomfort can hinder your practice and limit your options. Incorporating therapeutic yoga classes targeted at knee care can help you progress with greater ease and confidence. By understanding how to protect and strengthen your knees, you’ll enhance your overall yoga experience and prevent potential injuries.

The Holistic Approach to Knee Care

The six-part online yoga course on takes a holistic approach to knee care. Not only does it focus on therapeutic poses, but it also offers a balanced general practice from a variety of different asana groups. By working on multiple aspects of knee health, such as strength, flexibility, and mobility, this course ensures that you develop a well-rounded and sustainable practice. Whether you’re an experienced yogi or a newer practitioner, these classes offer valuable insights into maintaining optimal knee health.

yoga for healthy knees

Class 1 – Yoga for Healthy Knees

Learn the basics of knee care, troubleshoot common knee problems, and explore knee-friendly pose modifications. This therapeutic class offers asanas that improve mobility, strengthen knee-supporting muscles, and prevent injuries. Suitable for all, including those with knee issues.

yoga poses for strong knees

Class 2 – Strengthening Knee Muscles

This 20-minute class targets the quadriceps muscles, especially the vital vastus medialis responsible for knee stability and proper kneecap tracking. Engage in standing poses and modified seated asanas to strengthen the vastus medialis. Beneficial for knee difficulties and anyone interested in safeguarding knee health.

forward bends knee care

Class 3 – Forward Bends and Yoga For Knees

Discover tips and suggestions for tackling forward bends, which can be challenging for individuals with knee problems. Embrace poses commonly problematic for knees, while ensuring protection and engagement with fundamental techniques of forward bending.

standing poses

Class 4 – Standing Poses and Knee Care

Explore standing poses with added knee support by placing the front foot against a wall. This helps reduce knee joint weight and maintain stability. Enhance knee strength and improve overall leg muscle and hip mobility.

supta virasana and krounchasana

Class 5 – Mobilising Quads, Knees, and Shins

Target supta virasana and the seated pose krounchasana (heron pose) to enhance mobility in quads, knees, and shins. Deep kneeling positions will lengthen your quadriceps, mobilise knees, and alleviate stiffness in the shins.

yoga for strong knees

Class 6 – Yoga for Strong Knees

Incorporate poses that enhance knee strength, stability, and protection, with a focus on the quadriceps muscles, particularly the vastus medialis. Engage in standing poses that offer unique knee alignment perspectives. Suitable for knee difficulties and anyone prioritising knee health.

Strong and Healthy Knees: Six-Part Online Yoga Course

Maintaining strong and healthy knees is essential for a fulfilling yoga practice and everyday life. By practicing these therapeutic classes, you’ll not only strengthen your knees but also gain valuable insights into their functionality. To experience the full benefits, don’t forget to check out the six-part online Knee Care course on, tailored for knee care.

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