shoulder mobility for better yoga inversions

Shoulder Mobility for Better Yoga Inversions

Unlock the Potential of Shoulder Flexibility

Enhancing your practice of inversions such as pincha mayurasana (forearm balance), adho mukkha vrksasana (handstand), and sirsasana (headstand) can be significantly improved by boosting the flexibility and functionality of your shoulders. By working on shoulder mobility, you can reduce strain in your neck and upper back. This can bring a sense of lightness and ease to yoga inversions that might have previously felt heavy and tense. This improvement allows for smoother and more even breathing while in the pose. As a result, you leave feeling energised rather than fatigued once you complete it. This class focuses on specific shoulder opening movements that isolate crucial actions from each of these three inversions. This will help to aid your progress and development.

yoga shoulder variations for improved inversions

The Anatomy of the Shoulder in Yoga:

Understanding the intricate anatomy of the shoulder is vital for any yogi. The shoulder, a ball and socket joint, is among the most mobile—and thus vulnerable—joints in our body. It’s supported by a complex network of muscles, tendons, and ligaments, including the rotator cuff. In yoga inversions, this joint bears a significant portion of the body’s weight, making its health and flexibility paramount.

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