30-day advanced level online yoga course

Online Advanced Yoga: 30-Day Course To Elevate Your Practice

Take your online yoga practice to new heights with our 30-day Advanced Level Intensive Course. Designed specifically for experienced students seeking a challenge, this comprehensive program will push your boundaries and help you grow. It includes 30 meticulously designed on-demand videos that cover all the aspects of advanced level yoga.

A 30-Day Journey Through Diverse Asana Groups

Join us on a transformative 30-day journey, where you’ll experience a wide array of yoga asanas. Each day brings a new focus, from standing poses to forward bends, backbends, and restorative practices. Our approach ensures a balanced exploration of yoga’s diverse postures, enriching your practice and deepening your understanding.

Building Strength and Flexibility with Sequential Progression

With each passing day, you’ll build upon your progress and deepen your practice. In this 30-day course, each class focuses exclusively on a specific asana group. For those seeking an extra challenge, advanced level inversions are incorporated in some sessions, while alternative poses are provided for those who prefer to stay grounded. Additionally, you’ll experience twists, abdominal strengthening exercises, shoulder opening techniques, arm balances, and much more. This intensive challenge serves as a catalyst for personal growth and opens you up to the incredible benefits of yoga.

A Complete Yoga Practice: Everything You Need in this 30-Day Course

This course provides everything you need for a well-rounded yoga practice. You won’t need to supplement it with additional classes. Moreover, our supportive community will motivate you to dive deeper into your practice and embrace the unique benefits that only a sustained yoga routine can offer. Elevate your yoga practice and unlock your full potential. Join our 30-day Advanced Level Intensive Course today and experience the transformative power of yoga firsthand.

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The images below give you a preview of what you can expect from the first 10 on-demand videos in the 30-Class Advanced Online Yoga Course. Explore the entire course on yogaselection.com.

standing poses and inversions

Standing Poses & Inversions

Revitalise your online yoga practice with energising standing poses and inversions. This class combines classical standing postures with a well-rounded set of inversions, requiring minimal props. Don’t worry if you lack yoga equipment; we offer practical alternatives. Standing poses serve as our constant companions, perfect for rejuvenation and fresh beginnings. Each time we revisit them, we unravel deeper insights and uncover hidden layers of understanding.

yoga for hamstrings

Yoga For Hamstrings

Unlock the potential of your forward bends with a focus on hamstrings in this transformative online yoga class. Discover the correlation between hamstring mobility and pelvis position for optimal spinal alignment. Experience standing and seated forward bends, improving your overall flexibility and providing relief for tight hamstrings and lower back issues. Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your practice and enhance your forward bending abilities.

backbends with inversions

Backbends with Inversions

Elevate your yoga practice with a timeless sequence of backbends and inversions, forming a complete and accessible home practice. No need for specialised equipment; this class embraces simplicity. Each pose is approached from a classical standpoint, emphasising essential actions and fundamental techniques. Consistency is key, as repetition and consolidation enhance the benefits of this class. Starting with preparatory backbends, it gradually progresses towards urdhva dhanurasana and dwi pada viparita dandasana. Join this empowering class to boost energy, cultivate strength, and deepen your understanding of vital backbends.

restorative and pranayama

Restorative Yoga and Pranayama

Nurture your body, mind, and breath with this rejuvenating online yoga class, combining restorative yoga and pranayama. Restore strength, health, and overall well-being through supported, therapeutic, and reclining chest opening poses. Experience relaxation and stress relief. Delve into breath awareness and explore pranayama techniques, including reclining and seated variations. Join to replenish and revitalise your yoga journey.

30-day advanced yoga course

Arm Balances

Discover the powerful connection between hip-opening poses like kurmasana and arm balances such as dwi hasta bhujasana and tittibhasana. These arm balances demand both body strength and hip mobility. By accessing hip movement, you can minimize muscular strain and achieve a sense of lightness in challenging arm balances. This unique class offers a fresh perspective on familiar poses, cultivating strength in the upper body, abdominals, and legs while enhancing hip mobility. Join this transformative practice to elevate your yoga journey and unlock new possibilities.

online yoga 30-day course advanced level

Linking Standing Poses and Forward Bends

Unlock the synergy between standing poses and forward bends in this invigorating online yoga class. Embrace their shared foundation and commonalities. Whether practiced as a standalone sequence to lengthen hamstrings and adductors or as a prelude to a longer session, this class offers versatility. Standing poses serve as a valuable preparation for seated forward bends, targeting similar muscle groups and employing shared techniques. Transitioning from a standing position allows you to bypass limitations associated with stiff knees or hips. By mobilising your legs and arms, you enhance spinal support and accommodate restricted mobility. Experience the freedom and support of standing poses for a rewarding yoga practice.

30 day advanced online yoga course

Forward Bends

Dive into the world of paschimottanasana, the seated forward bend, in this enriching online yoga class. Explore preparatory poses and variations that enhance accessibility to this foundational forward bending asana. Discover techniques to progress towards the more advanced urdhva mukha paschimottanasana 1 and 2. Paschimottanasana demands a harmonious blend of hamstring and spinal mobility, both of which receive comprehensive attention in this class. Join to deepen your understanding of this essential pose and unlock its transformative benefits.

advanced online yoga course

Supported Backbends

Embark on a supported backbend journey with this efficient online yoga sequence. Skip lengthy preparatory poses and dive directly into the heart of backbend practice. Open your shoulders and thoracic spine, paving the way towards urdhva dhanurasana. Perfect for busy schedules, this sequence uplifts your energy while enhancing your backbends. Upper back and shoulder stiffness often hinder backbend progress. Targeting these areas, we utilise props like a chair and bolster for prolonged holds. Embrace each pose for ample time, facilitating meaningful transformation and steady advancement. Join this practice to experience the power of supported backbends on your yoga journey.


Experience the transformative power of pranayama and breath awareness in this invigorating online yoga class. Begin with restorative poses like supta baddha konasana, setu bandha sarvangasana, and viparita karani to expand your chest and prepare for reclining and seated pranayama. Establish a foundation of breath observation before progressing to ujjayi pranayama, deepening both inhalation and exhalation consciously. Explore viloma pranayama, incorporating breath pauses during intervals. Initially, seated pranayama is practiced using a yoga chair to promote an uplifted spine without diaphragm tension. Later, traditional cross-legged postures are incorporated. Pranayama brings a calming effect, enhancing physical and mental well-being while providing an energy boost when needed. Achieve balance, focus, and productivity through the power of breath.

30-day advanced online yoga course

Yoga for Enhanced Fitness and Well-being

Experience the dynamic benefits of yoga with our engaging online class, designed to combine abdominal strengthening asanas in a vinyasa-style sequence. Delve into a routine that includes the rhythmic flow of tadasana, utkatasana, adho mukha svanasana, and dandasana. This class is not just about toning your abdominals; it’s also aimed at fortifying your core, supporting lower back health, increasing heart rate, elevating energy levels, and improving overall strength and well-being. Join us in this transformative practice that nurtures both body and mind, contributing to your holistic fitness journey.

Embrace the Challenge: Support and Motivation for a Sustained Yoga Journey

Our 30-day Advanced Level Intensive Course is designed to elevate your online yoga practice and take you on a transformative journey of growth. With a focus on pushing boundaries and exploring a diverse range of postures, this comprehensive program is perfect for experienced students seeking a challenge. Each day builds upon your progress, deepening your practice and serving as a catalyst for personal growth. Whether you’re interested in inversions, forward bends, backbends, restorative poses, or abdominal strengthening, our course has it all. With our expert guidance, you’ll have everything you need to unlock your full potential and experience the incredible benefits of yoga. Don’t miss this opportunity to embrace the power of yoga and embark on a 30-day adventure that will transform your practice and your life. Join our Advanced Level Intensive Course today and discover the limitless possibilities that await you.

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