Basic Beginner Course

Learn yoga basics with expert guidance in this introductory yoga for beginners course. The Basic Beginner Course is the first part of the four-part Yoga Selection online beginners program. Progress from beginner to intermediate in 18 video classes. The Yoga Selection beginners program is the most comprehensive and structured beginners program available online. It will help you to build a safe and solid foundation for your yoga practice. Once you complete the four-part beginner program you are then ready to progress to intermediate level classes.

Who is this course for?

  • Individuals new to yoga
  • Those new to Iyengar yoga
  • Anyone needing to re-visit basic yoga principles

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How will learning yoga help me?

People try yoga for varying reasons. You might be looking for relief from back pain or some other discomfort. Perhaps you are interested in sport and want to improve your performance or minimise your injury risk. Maybe you need a tool to manage stress. These are all good reasons to give yoga a try.

Whilst doing this course, you will feel your body work in a way it may never have done before. Afterwards you will notice a feeling of calm. This is part of the positive effect yoga has on your mind. Keep practicing and you will begin to notice yourself changing. You may start to notice feeling stronger, more flexible, more energetic and less stressed. Your concentration may be more sustained. Get ready to start feeling like a more balanced and healthy version of yourself!

To find out more about learning Iyengar yoga online as a beginner, see our blog article

What do I get from this course?

  • A comprehensive and structured introduction to yoga using the Iyengar method
  • Essential foundations and key principles clearly communicated to help you go further on your yoga journey
  • Step by step tracking of your progression through the course
  • Email reminders to help keep you motivated and on track
  • Email support from your teacher

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Course Progress

Basic Beginners Course - Class 1

Focus: Join Rod as he takes you through a step-by-step introduction to yoga. If you have never done yoga before, this is the best place to start. Experience what it feels like to open your chest. Learn how to balance on the soles of your feet. Start the process of getting stronger legs. In this class you are introduced to essential basic yoga techniques. Feel for yourself how yoga can stimulate the body and calm the mind.

Key Poses: tadasana, urdhva hastasana, trikonasana, virabhadrasana II, savasana.

Equipment: Mat, blanket

Duration: 45 mins

Level: Beginner

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Basic Beginners Course - Class 2

Focus: The classes in this course evolve by consolidating what has already been learnt whilst adding some new poses and techniques. In Class 2 you continue to build a strong foundation whilst starting to look more closely at the concept of alignment. Expect that your legs will feel the strengthening effects of these poses and your hips will be starting to open.

Key Poses: Urdhva baddhanguliyasana, parsvakonasana, parsvottanasana

Equipment: Mat, blanket

Level: Beginner

Duration: 45 mins

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Basic Beginners Course - Class 3

Focus: This class continues to build your understanding of the basic standing poses. The Standing poses are so important at this stage because of their corrective effect on the whole body. You will feel which areas need to be strengthened and which areas need to be opened. Start to apply the principles you are learning whilst standing on you feet to newer seated poses. Learn how to support your spine whilst in seated positions.

Key Poses: parsvakonasana, virabhadrasana I and prasarita padottanasana.

Equipment:  Mat, 2 blankets, 2 blocks

Level: Beginner

Duration: 45 min

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Basic Beginners Course - Class 4

Focus: The previous classes have probably highlighted some stiffness in your shoulders. In this class we look more directly at how to go about improving the mobility of your shoulders. You will quickly notice how much tension is stored in this region and how releasing it can help to make many of the poses more accessible. In this class you will also begin to feel the restorative benefits of elevating your legs. Notice how you start to relax more deeply at the end of each class.

Key Poses: Garudasana and Vajrasana.

Equipment: Mat, 2 blankets, 2 blocks, belt

Level: Beginner

Duration: 45 min

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Basic Beginners Course - Class 5

Focus: In this class we continue to work on improving shoulder mobility. You will be ready now to confidently approach downward facing dog pose. Continue to work on overall body strength and flexibility with an expanding range of standing and seated poses. Notice how your sense of balance is starting to improve. By this stage it is common to be feeling more energetic during the day and sleeping more peacefully at night. Work through this course at your own pace and move up to the next course when you feel ready.

Key Poses: gomukhasana, ardha chandrasana, virasana

Equipment: Mat, 2 blankets, bolster, 2 blocks, belt.

Level: Beginner

Duration: 45 min

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  1. Steven W

    Hi, what do you suggest for programming? Is there a certain number of times you should practice each class before moving on to the next? Is this something that should be done every day or a few times a week? Thanks.

    • Di

      Hi Steven, it is really up to the individual how you would like to practice. As a beginner, following the courses is the ideal way to start. You can repeat a class as often as you like, especially if you feel there was something you would like to consolidate in your practice, or you can progress from one class to another within the course and repeat the course if you wish.

  2. Jean A

    I really love Iyengar yoga but I can’t find a dedicated class or practitioner in my area. I also have a weird work schedule so lots of regular class times don’t work for me. I was very excited to find this website! Now I can re-start my practice : ) Thank you!

  3. Richard B

    How many days do you recommend doing a particular class for before moving on to the next?

    Thank you

  4. Martin G

    Great yogis re-entry class Rod, thank you. Beginning to get back into the hang of it after some years of neglect…!

    • Rod

      Hi Martin,

      Thanks for your comment. Good to get back into it – nice one! I am sure that you will find it comes back to you.

      Best wishes,


  5. Marga G

    Hi Rod,
    I want to thank you!
    I’m practicing yoga (hatha) for 16 years and also teaching for 7 years. And it was very useful to start with beginners course! Your online platform is very expanded and also beauty in simplicity. Your guidance is very clear, critical and diligent. I am glad to find this en practice regularly to find a solid base and from there refine my practice and expand! Greetings from The Netherlands.

    • Rod

      You’re welcome Cynthia! Glad you enjoyed it 🙏💚

  6. Marielle B

    This is a great course, and great for getting back to the basics. I really enjoyed it, and really helpful for my home practice. Thanks Rod 🙂

    • Rod

      You’re most welcome! So glad to hear it has been helpful for you. 🙏💚

  7. Kirstie M

    I used to practise Iyengar 20 ys ago but drifted off – i now have bad right knee due to ski accient/arthritis.
    It does not like being compressed – bending to kneel etc – do I still continue and use blocks/cushions etc to try to stop it being uncomfortable/painful? ive come back to yoga as i want to help the knee but i am worried about agrivating it. many thanks for support

    • Rod

      Hi Kirstie,

      It sounds like you are working intelligently with your knee. It is common for people with inflamed knee, or arthritis to have difficulty with a deep kneeling position. Unfortunately, from my experience, avoiding the action all together does not seem to improve the long term health of the knee. Neither does pushing the knee into painful positions. The middle ground would be, as you suggest, to support the knee with folded blankets or other props whilst working with challenging poses.

      A good approach may be to work with supports in kneeling poses, but with a bigger picture of focusing on improving hip mobility to take pressure off your knees, working towards strengthening your quadriceps muscle group to reinforce the knees.

      I will be making some knee classes very soon with you in mind. Please keep an eye out for the class.

  8. Elise H

    Namaste. When Rod instructs “shoulder blades move in” does this mean moving towards the midline of the body (medialy), or more pushing towards the front body (deep). I find both feelings helpful… but as I move forward I wish to articulate appropriately. Shanti.

    • Elise H

      I’m going to go back and listen to some instruction from previous videos. So often it’s something that’s been explained but un-heard because of inexperience. Will check. Shanti.

  9. Namita S

    Great beginners course. Thank you for the instruction. I truly appreciate the Iyengar method and find your online course a great way to re-establish my home practice.

    • Rod

      Hi Namita, Thanks for your feedback. I’m really glad that you are getting benefits from the beginners course, and that you are building momentum with your home practice. Best wishes, Rod

  10. Mahara A

    I enjoyed these classes. Rod has a pleasant voice an manor. I find his instructions clear and it is getting me back into doing yoga regularly, which I’m very happy about. I am grateful as is my body. I have taken a lot of yoga classes, all Iyengar for

    • Rod

      Hi Mahara,

      I’m glad my teaching style works for you. Wonderful that your yoga practice has become more regular with the website. Thank you for your feedback.

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