Shoulder Traction – Weekly Advanced Class 203

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This class will target your shoulders and help to give relief from problems such as rotator cuff impingement and shoulder bursitis. It contains a number of poses, variations and adaptations that will help to create space for the muscles and tendons associated with the shoulder joint. This class is the latest addition in our growing section on yoga for shoulders. Within this category you will find a variety of courses and classes that focus on improving the health of your shoulders. A number of the classes approach the shoulder region from the more general perspective of improving mobility, strength and stability. There are also a variety of classes with a more specific therapeutic focus. The therapy classes will assist you if you are practicing with shoulder difficulties or recovering from shoulder injuries and ailments. Enter the search term “shoulders” on the search tool on our homepage to access this growing collection of shoulder related classes and courses.

Key Poses

Adho mukha virasana, parsvottanasana.


Mat, chair, bolster, blanket, dowling, belt.
Shoulder traction yoga poses

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