Shoulders – Weekly Advanced Class 166

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Improve your shoulder mobility with this short sequence. This class contains a sequence of poses that focus exclusively on your shoulders. This simple but effective class is well suited to home yoga practitioners. It does not rely on any specialised yoga equipment. To complete the class you will just need a regular chair and access to a clear wall. It includes poses and variations that will explore the full range of movement in your shoulders. The shoulders are one of the most flexible joints in the human body. Their natural mobility is well utilised in a variety of different poses across the main asana groups. Improving your shoulder mobility can help to make a wider range of poses more accessible. If you are looking to introduce more advanced postures into your practice this can be particularly helpful. Keeping the muscles, tendons and ligaments in your shoulders healthy and flexible can also assist with injury prevention and help to correct your general postural habits.

Key Poses

Anantasana, vasisthasana, gomukhasana.


Mat, chair.
shoulder yoga poses

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