Dwi Hasta Bhujasana

Dwi hatsa bhujasana is a key pose within the group of asanas known as arm balances. This post aims to break dwi hasta bhujasana down into clearly defined stages that isolate important actions and techniques. This will help you to approach the pose with confidence.

Understanding Dwi Hasta Bhujasana

Dwi hasta bhujasana, or the Two Handed Arm Pose is a challenging yoga posture that strengthens the arms, chest, and abdominal muscles while cultivating inner strength. By starting in uttanasana and positioning the shoulders under the knees, the practitioner compactly places their hands on the floor behind their heels. With a controlled weight transfer and balance, the feet gradually lift off the ground, allowing for an extended leg position.

The Benefits of Dwi Hasta Bhujasana

This empowering asana fosters confidence, resilience and courage. Although challenging in the beginning, dwi hasta bhujasana is a pose that responds well to persistence and perseverance. Improvements can arise from a sustained exploration of weight transfer, balance, and technique, not just from an increase in physical strength.


Starting Position

  • Begin in uttanasana with your feet shoulder width apart
dwi hasta bhujasana positioning arms

Make yourself compact

This pose will benefit from you making yourself as compact as possible with your knees as high as possible on your arms. To help with this:

  • Partially bend your knees, reach down with your right hand and place it firmly against your calf muscle
  • Your fingers point upwards towards the back of your knee
  • Use the leverage of your hand pressing into your calf to slide your shoulder as far as possible behind your knee
  • The back of the knee will eventually sit on top of the deltoid muscle
positioning hands dwi hasta bhujasana

Position your hand

  • Keeping your shoulder in this position, reach back with your right hand and place your fingertips to the floor behind your right heel
  • Squeeze your leg against your shoulder to keep it in this position as you now work to prepare the left side
shoulders under legs dwi hasta bhujasana

Bring your other shoulder under

  • Follow the same procedure for positioning the left shoulder underneath the left knee
  • Pressing the hand against the calf gives you the ability to bring the shoulder more tightly under the knee
two handed arm pose

Position your other hand

  • Position the fingertips of the left hand to the floor behind the left heel

Lower your hips

  • At this stage your knees are partially bent and your hips are still raised up
  • In order to progress towards the final position you will need to lower your hips so that you can bring the heels of your hands to the floor
  • It is during this transition that many people find that they lose balance in a backward direction. To prevent this from happening, squeeze both knees firmly against your shoulders as you lower your hips, and keep your head forwards as a counterweight with your eyes looking down
  • Ensure also that you are not positioning your hands too close to your feet. Leave a slight gap between your fingertips and the backs of your heels

Prepare to lift your feet

  • Once your palms are flat to the floor raise your heels and slide your big toes closer together
  • You are now ready to lift your feet off the floor

Weight transfer

  • This lifting action is not an overly muscular movement but instead involves weight transfer and balance
  • Simultaneously your head raises, your hips descend and your feet lift off the floor, without your wrist bones dropping
  • Your eyes are now looking forwards
dwi hasta bhujasana (two handed arm pose)

Leg extension

  • To deepen the pose, extend your legs forwards and upwards without the feet coming apart

Ongoing Exploration

Through persistence and exploration, practitioners can develop not only physical strength but also resilience, courage, and confidence. As with any challenging pose, it is important to approach dwi hasta bhujasana with patience and perseverance, embracing the process rather than focusing solely on the end result. With time and practice, the pose becomes an expression of grace and balance, reflecting the inner strength cultivated along the way.

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