Beginner Extension Course II – Class 8

Focus: This final class of the Beginner Extension Courses completes the process of getting you ready for the Intermediate Level. You will find this is a slower paced class. There are some shoulder opening alternatives that can be used instead of inverted poses. You are guided in how to set up a supported version of downward facing dog pose. Some supported twists and reclining leg stretches are included. Salamba Sarvangasana (shoulderstand) is covered in depth. Then finish off with a longer Savasana, looking at breath awareness and Pranayama.

Key Poses: Salamba Sarvangasana, Savasana.

Equipment: Mat, chair, 3 blankets, bolster, 2 blocks, belt

Level: Beginner

Duration: 60 min

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  1. Luc Prem J

    Hi Rod,

    Is there a list of photos with the name of each poses to learn the names? Else, how do we do to memorize the names of each poses?

    Many thanks and best wishes

    • Di

      Hi Luc, we do not have a list of pose names and corresponding photos. It can be hard to learn the Sanskrit names of all of the poses and can take quite a long time. There are a number of books that you might find helpful, one is Light on Yoga by B.K.S. Iyengar which has photos of the poses, the pose name and a description of how to do the pose.


    Also can I practice head stand if I Have cervical and camel back with my lower back pain?

    • Rod

      If you have pre-existing neck problems then it is best not to practice headstand. There are many alternatives that do no put strain on your neck. Many of the preparatory movements where your head is not actually on the floor are very beneficial and do not run the risk of further injuring your neck. You can find some more information here: https://yogaselection.com/how-to-do-sirsasana-headstand-step-by-step/


    After finishing the beginners extension -2, how do we select classes for intermediate? Where do we begin?
    For regular practice of beginner extension is there a sequence we can practice for few weeks?

    • Rod

      Hi Supriya,

      Well done for completing the Beginner Extension courses. That’s great! If you are feeling comfortable with what you have covered so far then the Intermediate Foundations course is a good starting point to enter into the intermediate level classes. You can find it on the courses page.

      Best wishes,


      • SUPRIYA S

        Thanks Rod for your feedback,

        Isn’t there a way to follow a sequence of asanas we learnt in Extension -2? A class that makes us practice all the asanas learnt?

        • Rod

          Hi Supriya,

          No there isn’t really a single class covering all the poses. As there are a lot of them. They are covered over a series of classes in the Intermediate Foundations course though.

          Best wishes,


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