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Energy Boosting Yoga

Six Uplifting Yoga Sequences

Yoga is an essential tool to help boost energy, elevate mood, and build strength. This post will guide you through six energising classes, each tailored to invigorate both body and mind.

Yoga to lift your mood

Yoga To lift Your Mood – Class 1

  • Engage in an uplifting sequence of standing poses.
  • Focus on dynamic movement, chest opening, and breath awareness.
  • Repeated urdhva hastasana (arm raising) actions enhances energy circulation.
  • Practicing this ensures a revitalised feeling.
  • Requires minimal yoga props.

yoga to boost energy

40 Minute Energy Booster – Class 2

  • Packed with energising standing poses and mood lifting backbends.
  • Emphasis on chest opening actions using a looped belt around wrists.
  • Backbends include urdhva mukha svanasana, salabhasana, and dhanurasana.
  • Suitable for both newer and experienced students.
  • Leaves you feeling refreshed.

energy boosting yoga

Express Sequence for Lightness – Class 3

  • Rapid session of standing poses to curb dullness.
  • Emphasises the urdhva hastasana action of raising arms dynamically.
  • Synchronising breath with movement boosts energy.
  • Guarantees a refreshed and invigorated outcome.

strength building yoga poses

Yoga for Energy and Strength – Class 4

  • Boosts energy and tones the entire body.
  • Targets arms, chest, core, and more.
  • Also improves bone density and corrects posture.
  • Only requires a wall; no yoga props.

Dynamic Vinyasa for Heart Rate – Class 5

  • Stimulates the cardiovascular system and uplifts mood.
  • Continuous flow aligns breath with movement.
  • Transitions from paschimottanasana to halasana add lightness.
  • Beneficial for mental health and joint mobility.
  • Vinyasa sequences build strength and boost energy.

yoga for strength and energy

Strength Meets Energy – Class 6

  • Combines energising backbends with strength focused asanas.
  • Targets quads, wrists, arms, and chest.
  • Features entry level backbends and chest opening standing poses.
  • Suitable for practice with minimal equipment.
  • Results in better strength and vitality.

Benefits of Energy-Boosting Sequences

These classes focus on boosting energy, building strength, and lifting your mood. By regularly practicing these sequences, yogis can expect increased physical stamina, better mood stability, and improved mental focus. They will be ideal anyone seeking real benefits from their yoga routine.

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