Yoga to relieve anxiety

Yoga For Anxiety

Yoga for Anxiety: Breathing Through the Stress

In today’s fast-paced world, anxiety is a common challenge. Yet, ancient practices offer modern solutions. Yoga, with its rich tapestry of poses and breath-work, emerges as a powerful antidote.

Dive into Breath-Centric Yoga

Breathing, the essence of life, becomes a bridge to tranquility. This article introduces a series of yoga poses intertwined with pranayama, or breath control, to directly combat anxiety. Beyond alleviating stress, this synergy reinvigorates depleted energy, sharpening mental acuity.

A Journey to Inner Calm: Pose by Pose

Begin with supported forward bends, designed to pacify the restless nervous system. Transition to chest-opening poses, both active and passive, cultivating breath awareness. Experience ujjayi pranayama, a transformative breath technique, both reclining and seated. And explore key restorative yoga poses like viparita karani and setu bandha sarvangasana.

Deepening Your Practice: Free Resources

Eager to experience yoga poses that relieve anxiety? The portal offers a complimentary online class dedicated to yoga for anxiety relief. Designed to guide, it emphasises the breath-related poses and foundational pranayama techniques. Try this free Yoga to Relieve Anxiety video.

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Yoga For Anxiety

Yoga For Anxiety – Weekly Intermediate Class 215

For those seeking relief from anxiety, this specialised yoga class offers a therapeutic sequence of calming poses. These asanas not only aim to diminish anxiety but also provide respite from stress and ease nervous tension. The class incorporates wall-assisted standing poses and a dedicated sequence of supported forward bends, ensuring comfort for your forehead. Complementing this, chest-opening restorative poses further enhance relaxation. Central to this class is breath awareness, integrating foundational pranayama practices. Moreover, this cooling sequence is beneficial not just for anxiety relief, but also offers support for individuals with high blood pressure.

Specialised Yoga Courses

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