Vinyasa Abdominal Sequence – Weekly Intermediate Class 128

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This weeks intermediate class links abdominal strengthening poses with a flowing vinyasa-style sequence. Poses such as paripurna navasana and ardha navasana are incorporated into a dynamic sequence that includes elements of surya namaskar. In addition to the abdominal focus, the class is strengthening for the body as a whole. It also includes poses such as utkatasana to help develop your leg muscles, and the upper body strengthening chaturanga dandasana. Some hip and gluteal opening transition movements are used to link the poses into a continuous and flowing sequence. Throughout the sequence breathing and breath awareness are emphasised. Improving abdominal strength can help to reduce the likelihood of lower back pain. It can also contribute to improved overall posture.

Key Poses

Paripurna navasana, ardha navasana, urdhva prasarita padasana.


Mat, blanket.

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