Vinyasa Abdominal Sequence – Weekly Intermediate Class 128

Focus: This weeks intermediate class links abdominal strengthening poses with a flowing vinyasa-style sequence. Poses such as paripurna navasana and ardha navasana are incorporated into a dynamic sequence that includes elements of surya namaskar. In addition to the abdominal focus, the class is strengthening for the body as a whole. It also includes poses such as utkatasana to help develop your leg muscles, and the upper body strengthening chaturanga dandasana. Some hip and gluteal opening transition movements are used to link the poses into a continuous and flowing sequence. Throughout the sequence breathing and breath awareness are emphasised. Improving abdominal strength can help to reduce the likelihood of lower back pain. It can also contribute to improved overall posture.

Key Poses: Paripurna navasana, ardha navasana, urdhva prasarita padasana.

Equipment: Mat, blanket.

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 40 min

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  1. Fiona R

    Hi Rod

    My 14 year old son and I have just enjoyed this class. Really suited him to have them flow of Vinyasana and the challenge of the ab strengthening. We found that the sound dropped out at one stage for some reason ?? Thought I’d let you know.
    Many Thanks


    Hi! I loved the class… sometimes is good to have a more dynamic class focused on the abs… thanks a lot.
    Greetings from Chile.

  3. Sue H

    Hi Rod. I found this one a bit of a challenge. So I guess it’s one I definitely need to return too in the near future. Many thanks 🙏

  4. Katya P

    Hi Rod – from Europe and Bulgaria ,

    it was very nice lesson – for me was not very hard ! It s perfect ! Perfect to make me wake up definitely :)))

    Thanks again a lot – many hugs Rod

    • Rod

      Hi Katya,

      Thanks for reaching out! Greetings from Australia to you. Glad to hear this class suited you well. Good to be practicing with you!! 🙂

  5. Rosy S

    Hola Rob, mi nombre es Rosy , soy profesora de yoga integral ,pero hace algún tiempo he empezado a profundizar en yoga iyengar y realmente estoy fascinada de poder practicar con tus videos ya que practicar en una sala aquí a donde vivo es casi imposible por el alto valor de las clases y también porque debo viajar casi una hora asta el centro de practica.
    así que te felicito por acercarnos la practica de iyengar con la que disfruto y profundizo a la vez, algunas clases como esta son realmente fantásticas para desarrollar la fuerza abdominal, la he guardado como favorita para poder practicarla casi a diario y mejorar esta zona, .
    tambien queria comentarte que estoy compartiendo la practica con mis alumnos y estan realmente fascinados.
    por mi parte es una pena de que mi ingles no sea muy bueno pero voy aprendiendo poco a poco para saber toda la pedagogía que explicas en los videos …
    muchas gracias por compartir… namaste

  6. Jake G

    Wow that was a hard one! I ran out of energy after about 25 minutes. I will definitely try this one again as it is a really nice sequence.

    • Rod

      Glad to hear it was challenging! Abdominals tend to improve quickly so don’t be put off. Thanks for your feedback!

  7. Kristina D

    Hey Rod. I agree with Susan . It was challenging. I have tried to mark it as complete but it will not take it….. all the best .Kristina

    • Rod

      Hi Kristina,

      Glad to hear the class was a challenge. Hopefully not too much! Sorry to hear about the issue with marking it as complete. Is the problem persisting? If so, do you mind sending me an email about it so that we can look into it further for you?

      • Janet P

        Finally leaving a comment!!
        Enjoying everything about these practices!!
        Challenging exhilarating yetcalming and always exactly what I need!!!
        Thank you!

        • Rod

          Hi Janet,

          Thanks for reaching out. Glad to hear this class hit the spot! Good to be practicing with you. 🙂

  8. Susan J

    Definitely a challenge, I had to modify but looking forward to eventually being strong enough to get through it. Added to favourites. Thank you Rod for this imaginative, well thought out flow!

    • Rod

      You are most welcome Susan. Thanks for your feedback. You will probably find significant improvement with repeated practice. Abdominal strength can build quite quickly. Glad you enjoyed the class!

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