Yoga For The Gluteals – Weekly Intermediate Class 203

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Yoga poses for the gluteal muscles. The gluteals are a group of three muscles located in the buttock region. They play an important role in bringing strength, stability and mobility to the whole body. In addition to being strong, the glutes can also be a relatively inflexible muscle group for many people. This can present problems when practicing certain yoga poses. Improving mobility in your gluteal muscles can be therapeutic if you are experiencing pain associated with specific conditions like hip bursitis. Equally, on a more general level, it can also help to make the forward bending group of asanas more accessible. This class features poses that will help to unlock stiffness in your gluteal muscles. It will be great for people suffering from hip bursitis, tight glutes or anyone looking to make progress with their forward bends.

Key Poses

Eka pada rajakapotasana, supta padangusthasana.


Mat, chair, bolster, blanket, belt.

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