Supta Virasana

Focus: Supta Virasana is a great pose for improving knee mobility, and quadriceps flexibility. It is eventually an ideal starting position for an active Iyengar yoga sequence. This tutorial guides you through three different approaches to the pose. Initially a version of the pose is included for newer students working with stiffness. You are then shown how to gradually reduce your reliance on supports. Eventually you practice a version of supta virasana that requires only a bolster and blanket. Once this pose has been consolidated, it can be used as a starting point for your practice sessions.

Key Poses: Supta virasana

Equipment: Mat, 2 bolsters, 3 blankets, block

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 10 min

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  1. Anita S

    In the past I have used a chair with the bender attachment which has been good, but now I do have greater mobility in the hips, so am able to come down lower into the pose. I will try to sustain it for longer periods of time.

    • Rod

      That sounds like a good, incremental approach. As long as there is not pain in your knees or lower back, try to stay as long as you can with this pose.

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