Beginner Extension Course I – Class 1

Focus: This class groups together all the standing poses from the Basic Beginner courses. As well as looking at some of these familiar poses in a new light, you are introduced to a new standing pose called Virabhadrasana III. In addition to being energizing, standing poses are strengthening and help to correct imbalances in the body. They are stabilizing poses that help you to feel grounded and anchored in your feet. The preparation poses for headstand and handstand are explored in more detail. Be ready to practice these poses more regularly in each class.

Key Poses: All standing poses from the Basic Beginners Course, Virabhadrasana III, preparation for headstand and full arm balance.

Equipment: Mat, 2 blankets, bolster, 2 blocks, belt

Level: Beginner Extension

Duration: 55 min

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  1. Julie S

    Hi, do you have any recommendations for alternative pose to headstand and handstand? I do not have enough space around my mat to safely attempt them. Could I maybe substitute shoulder stand?

    • Di

      Hi Julie, an alternative for headstand would be viparita dandasana which you can find using the search function in yogaselection. An alternative to handstand would be half uttanasana. In classical Iyengar yoga headstand and shoulderstand are both practiced as they balance each other out. You would do better to leave both out rather than substitute one for the other.

  2. Robert D

    Hi Rod, I really enjoy doing yoga with you online.

    Today I heard the words “in this week’s class” that made me wonder: Are classes designed to be repeated for a week before going to the next?

    So far I was doing a new class everyday. (I am retired and have plenty of time to do yoga and I love it!). Thanks in advance and best regards. Namaste!

    • Di

      Hi Robert, Rod release new classes on a weekly basis, hence his comment. It is fantastic that you are practicing a new class every day. Keep going! 🙏

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