Beginner Extension Course I – Class 3

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Backbends are introduced in class 3. These poses will be brand new if you are progressing from the Basic Beginner Courses. You will be working mainly with preparatory poses, often referred to as “baby backbends”. These poses teach you the fundamental techniques required for backbends. They help to strengthen the muscles around the spine and bring some elasticity to the upper back. You have already been working with some backbend techniques in several of the standing poses from previous classes. These poses are also included in this tutorial to help you make the link between what is new and what is familiar. Backbends are often popular with yoga practitioners due to the energizing and stimulating effect they have on the body and nervous system. They can assist in relieving low energy and depression.

Key Poses

Salabhasana, Chatushpadasana, Ustrasana


Mat, 2 blankets, bolster, 2 blocks, belt.

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