Yoga Poses For Better Posture – Weekly Intermediate Class 256

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Yoga poses for better posture. Yoga to promote good posture. This class focuses on asanas that will help to alleviate rounded shoulders, collapsed chest, kyphosis, and forward head. To varying degrees these are afflictions that are encountered by many people working for long periods of time at desks and computers. The poses in this class help to bring some traction to your shoulders, pulling them back and down. This helps to realign your shoulder blades and trapezius muscle, preventing them from lifting up and into your neck. Although persistent practice will be necessary to bring about permanent improvement, many people who are troubled by a stiff upper back and shoulders will get instant respite from practicing a sequence of poses such as this one.

Key Poses

Urdhva mukha svanasana, purvottanasana, ustrasana, chatushpadasana. 


Mat, chair, 2 blocks, bolster, 2 blankets.
yoga for upper back pain

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