Yoga For COVID-19

This Yoga For COVID-19 course has been designed to provide you with a balanced daily practice that you can work through over the course of a week to help keep you mentally and physically well. We are all dealing with a huge amount of stress and uncertainty as we navigate the coronavirus global pandemic. We have had to rapidly adjust to massive lifestyle changes, social isolation and loss of income. Some have had to deal with personal illness and loss of loved ones. Lockdown measures are contributing to an even greater tendency towards a sedentary lifestyle. Our next global health challenge could be a mental illness pandemic if we don’t take active steps look after ourselves.

With these issues in mind, the classes in this course cycle through a combination of active, strengthening and energising classes to stimulate your cardiovascular system, lift your mood and help you to maintain and build muscle strength and tone. In addition, classes with restorative sequences that have a more therapeutic focus are included. Designed to reduce stress and anxiety, these sequences can lead to a reduction in stress hormone secretion, which in turn supports your immune system. There is also an emphasis on passive chest opening to help you optimise aeration of your lungs. Having a balanced yoga practice that covers these areas is important for supporting health and resilience against infections more broadly. The better our overall health, the more likely we are to be able to effectively cope with a coronavirus infection.

Who is this course for?

  • Individuals wanting structure and support whilst doing yoga for COVID-19 on a daily basis
  • Those looking for a balanced yoga practice that will help to mitigate against the negative impacts of living under lockdown measures
  • This is an advanced level course. Approximately two or more years of yoga experience is recommended

How will this course help me?

This course will help you to create a balanced daily yoga practice that will support your immune system and lung function whilst helping you to build cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength. A yoga routine focussing on these areas ensures that you are taking active measures to care for your physical and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. This can assist you in building resilience against respiratory infections. In addition, during this time of intense stress and uncertainty it can enhance feelings of control and wellbeing.

What do I get from this course?

  • A comprehensive and structured approach to a yoga routine tailored to address issues we are facing during the COVID-19 crisis
  • Essential foundations and key principles clearly communicated to help you go further on your yoga journey
  • Step by step tracking of your progression through the course
  • Email reminders to help keep you motivated and on track
  • Email support from your teacher

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Course Progress

Standing Poses With Inversions - Weekly Advanced Class 160

Focus: When everything around us is in flux it is reassuring to return to the stability and familiarity of the standing pose group. This weeks advanced class on Yoga Selection includes a classic sequence of standing poses and inversions. It will be well suited to people working from established home yoga practice spaces but will also be accessible to the many people who are currently practicing without the luxury of space or specialist yoga props. A bolster and blanket are used in the video but even these items can be improvised if need be. The inclusion of inversions help to make this class a complete and balanced yoga practice, but clear alternatives are given in the video if you are not practicing inverted poses. This type of practice will be ideal if you one of the many people who are feeling a sense of cabin fever at the moment. It will also help to manage stress and anxiety levels whilst leaving you feeling strong and resilient.

Key Poses: Sirsasana, niralamba sarvangasana, trikonasana, parsvakonasana, ardha chandrasana, viabhadrasana 1 & 2, parsvottanasana, parivrtta trikonasana, parivrtta ardha chandrasana, parivrtta parsvakonasana, prasarita padottanasana .

Equipment: Mat, bolster, blanket.

Level: Advanced

Duration: 75 min


Yoga For The Immune System - Weekly Advanced Class 159

Focus: Yoga to help boost your immune system. The Iyengar method has an extensive range of poses to draw upon during times when you are looking to boost your resilience against infections. We are all currently dealing with high levels of stress and anxiety about our own health and wellbeing, as well as the welfare of loved ones. Although in the current climate this is understandable, one of the best things you can do to help your immune system is to reduce your stress levels. This sequence contains a range of restorative poses to help you relax. This practice can serve to reduce stress - therefore potentially minimising secretion of stress hormones that are known to suppress the immune system. Inversions are also great poses to include when you are fighting off a viral illness. These poses can help to improve your overall circulation by allowing an easier return of venous blood flow back to the heart and lungs. This can be restful for your heart rate and induce an overall sense of wellbeing. If you are recovering from a recent respiratory infection, the chest opening inversions included in this practice can also help to ease congestion in your lungs and improve circulation around your sinuses. This sequence is dedicated to the ongoing health, welfare and safety of home yoga practitioners around the world. May we all quickly return to more certain times. Stay well everyone.

Key Poses: Sirsasana, viparita dandasana, chair sarvangasana, niralamba sarvangasana, setu bandha sarvangasana, viparita karani.

Equipment: Mat, chair, bolster, 2 blocks, 2 blankets, belt.

Level: Advanced

Duration: 70 min


Adho Mukha Vrksasana (Handstand) - Weekly Advanced Class 152

Focus: Build strength and balance while you work on your adho mukha vrksasana (handstand) in this weeks advanced class on Yoga Selection. The class follows a sequence of stages that progressively build from preparatory variations introducing key actions, through to techniques that will optimise more advanced versions of the pose. Eventually the class explores methods that will help you to free balance without the assistance of a wall. On a physical level the pose improves upper body strength and sharpens your sense of balance. It is also a great pose for raising energy levels and building confidence.

Key Poses: Adho mukha vrksasana.

Equipment: Mat, 2 blocks, 2 bolsters (or cushions), belt, blanket.

Level: Advanced

Duration: 40 min


Yoga For Depression & Anxiety - Weekly Advanced Class 161

Focus: Yoga for anxiety and depression. Forward bends are great poses for soothing your nervous system. On both a mental and physical level they can leave you feeling calm, peaceful and relaxed. This can be helpful during times when you are experiencing stress and anxiety but potentially less helpful during times when you are feeling depressed. For many people anxiety is often accompanied by feelings of depression. During periods of sadness or melancholy the calming qualities of forward bends can potentially leave you feeling flat or dull instead of tranquil and relaxed. If this is the case it might be beneficial for you to introduce some uplifting energy into your forward bend sequencing. This class aims to find a balanced approach to working with both anxiety and depression. In the class each forward bend is practiced initially with energising chest opening and spinal twists. This more active approach is then then balanced with a supportive version of the pose that lets you soften and relax.

Key Poses: Sirsasana, chair sarvangasana, virasana, janu sirsasana, triang mukhaikapada paschimottanasana, parsva upavista konasana.

Equipment: Mat, chair, bolster, 2 blocks, blankets.

Level: Advanced

Duration: 60 min


Abdominals - Weekly Advanced Class 156

Focus: Abdominal strengthening poses can be included in a home yoga practice in a variety of ways. This class explores how this group of poses can be used to strengthen the muscles in your lower back as well as your abdomen. The class also highlights ways of linking abdominals to hamstring lengthening forward bends and poses that improve your sense of balance. Key abdominal poses such as ardha navasana and paripurna navasana are practiced in context with seated poses that support and lift the spine. The class will help to strengthen the body generally but the muscles around the lower half of the torso specifically.

Key Poses: Ardha navasana, paripurna navasana, urdhva mukha paschimottanasana 1 & 2.

Equipment: Mat, chair, 2 blocks, belt, blanket.

Level: Advanced

Duration: 35 min


Vinyasa Twists - Weekly Advanced Class 151

Focus: This class features a vinyasa-style class focusing on twists. It is a dynamic sequence incorporating movement and breath awareness. Surya namaskar is practiced at regular intervals during the class. It is used as a transition movement to link each of the standing and seated twists in the sequence. This faster paced class relies on minimal yoga props. It will be a great energy boosting way to kick start your yoga practice in 2020.

Key Poses: Parivrtta trikonasana, parivrtta ardha chandrasana, parivrtta parsvakonasana, surya namaskar, bharadvajasana, marichyasana.

Equipment: Mat, blanket.

Level: Advanced

Duration: 40 min


Chest Opening & Pranayama - Weekly Advanced Class 157

Focus: Pranayama. Breathing in then breathing out is a repetitive pattern that is constantly with us. For much of the time we are oblivious to this pattern. It repeats in the background whilst we focus on other concerns. If we make the conscious decision to observe our breath we can begin to make deductions about it. We can see that during times when we are are relaxed it tends to slow down. With stress or excitement it speeds up. If we look still more closely we notice that each and every situation that we find ourselves in will influence how we breathe. Practicing yoga gives you the opportunity to take this still further. You begin to notice how changes in the position of your body can correspond with changes in your breath. Some positions help you to breathe more deeply whilst others will bring a more shallow breath. Some will make your breath smooth and even whilst others will make it course and irregular. Through this experience we can discover yoga poses that are well suited to healthy breathing habits. Via our breath we can then utilise these poses to help bring improved health and wellbeing. This class explores chest opening poses and pranayama.

Key Poses: Viparita dandasana, setu bandha sarvangasana, ujjayi pranayama, viloma pranayama.

Equipment: Mat, chair, 2 bolsters, 2 blocks, 2 blankets.

Level: Advanced

Duration: 60 min



  1. Rosy S

    Muchas gracias, estoy muy contenta de tener yoga selection, practico todos los días y disfruto mucho con las clases avanzadas y en especial con las clases para covid, a sido realmente fantastico para sostener una buena practica desde casa en este tiempo y que aunque todo pase pronto seguiré con las clases de yoga selection porque me ayudan a evolucionar en mi práctica y llevarla a otro nivel, me encanta poder tener las clases y elegir entre una gran selección para cualquier día y momento. Muchas gracias por tu trabajo, me encanta.

    • Rod

      De nada, Rosy. Es maravilloso estar practicando contigo. Me alegra mucho saber que estás haciendo un buen uso de las clases. Espero que te mantengas seguro y bien en tu parte del mundo. Gracias por tomarte el tiempo de comunicarte. 🙂

  2. julie H

    I’m so excited to be able to have Iyengar yoga online especially during these trying times… Thank You,ThankYou

    • Rod

      You are most welcome Julie! It’s fantastic to have you practicing with us. I hope you are keeping safe and well.

  3. Debra F

    I really love the 40-50 min range, advanced classes. Your back care series were AMAZING!

    • Rod

      Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback Debra. It’s good to know what is working well for people. Hope your back is feeling a bit better. 🙂

  4. willemien f

    I look forward to trying this. I love the fact that its a varied sequence to practice over the course of a week. Thank you so much for the work you do. It is a blessing.

    • Rod

      You are most welcome Willemien. I hope the course helps you to feel better in these very trying times.

  5. Alexis C

    Dear Rod,
    Thank you for all your hard work and to create a Covid course. As the other users are pointing out, these may be too challenging for us who are not in the advanced level. Additionally, those of us with young children at home have a hard time committing to long videos. A similar series of 30-45 minute-long videos at the intermediate level would be amazing. Thanks for considering!

    • Rod

      Thanks for your comment Alexis. We have since made the Yoga For Lockdown course. This might be more suitable. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

  6. Katya P

    Hello Rod, Thank you for yogaselection and greetings from Istanbul, Turkey.
    I totally support the request from Jessica, a series of lessons for beginners and intermediate level would be very helpful.
    Even after practising yoga for a few years now and having discovered Iyengar Yoga last year the advanced level is for my husband and I , and with an age of 60+, a bit challenging.

    stay safe and healthy

    • Rod

      Hi Katya,

      Thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback. We have since made the Yoga For Lockdown course which might feel more accessible. I hope you give it a try. If you or your husband need further assistance at any stage please let me know.

      Best wishes,


  7. Dorothee B

    Hello Rod,
    Thanks a lot for all the carefully prepared and excellent guided lessons as well as the current work you put into. They are exceedingly helpful, not only during this particular time of covid-19-confinements. Take care and stay safe and sound:-) May god bless you!

    • Rod

      Thank you for taking the time to provide such kind feedback Dorothee. Glad to hear that you are enjoying the lessons. I hope you are also keeping safe and well during this very difficult period we are all going through.

  8. Jessica B

    Thank you for Yoga Selection. Its great! I tried one of the covid -19 selection lessons but it’s slightly too advanced for me, and I don’t have a suitable chair. I’m practicing in a cramped office space. I do have a balance ball, a sofa cushion, a sofa, one block and a 40cm sliver of wall. Could you compile a selection of Covid-19 approperated poses form already existing courses for the advanced-beginner/intermediate student?

    • Rod

      Hi Jessica,

      Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. We have since created the Yoga For Lockdown Course. Hopefully you find this one more suitable.

      Best wishes,


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