Yoga For Core Strength Course – Tutorial 2

Focus: This tutorial explores the abdominal strengthening poses paripurna navasana and ardha navasana. It progresses from the more basic poses in the first tutorial and incorporates some more challenging variations. If you have more experience with these poses and are working mainly from the intermediate section then this video will suit you. Equally this will be a natural progression for anyone who has spent some time with the first tutorial. The abdominal strength cultivated here will be helpful in a number of intermediate and advanced poses. There is a close relationship between abdominal strength and lower back strength. The muscles in your lower back will also be challenged with these poses. For that reason this tutorial ends with a pose which has a releasing effect on the spine.

Benefits: Increased abdominal, lower back and leg muscle strength, improved posture

Equipment: Mat, chair

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 15 min

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