Pincha Mayurasana – Weekly Advanced Class 170

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Pincha mayurasana (forearm balance).This class takes an in-depth look at pincha mayurasana. It features a sequence that begins with preparatory variations of the pose that strengthen and introduce key concepts. It then explores more advanced methods of refining the final position, before culminating in a look at techniques that will help you to free balance in the pose. Pincha mayurasana can be a challenging pose for people with restricted shoulder mobility. For this reason the class also includes shoulder opening variations. It also requires a degree of upper body strength. Many of the preparatory variations of the pose in this class help you to acquire this strength whilst gaining confidence in supporting your body weight on your forearms. Improve shoulder mobility, gain upper body strength and build mental fortitude with this workshop-style pincha mayurasana class.

Key Poses

Pincha mayurasana.


Mat, belt, block.

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