Advanced Arm Balances

The Advanced Arm Balances course provides you with an overview of key advanced arm balancing postures taught from an Iyengar perspective.

Classes Available


Arm Balances – Weekly Advanced Class 123

60 Min


Arm balances are the main focus of this weeks class. They can be daunting poses to engage with. For some students they can feel impossible! However, persevering with a range different angles and approaches ultimately leads to progress. Making headway...

Key Poses

Eka hasta bhujasana, dwi hasta bhujasana, bhujapidasana, tittibhasana.


Mat, chair, bolster, blanket, 2 blocks.

Bakasana From Sirsasana 2 – Weekly Advanced Class 124

25 Min


Bakasana is the sole focus of this weeks advanced class on Yoga Selection. The pose is featured in our tutorial style video that follows on from last weeks work with arm balances. Techniques from last weeks class are further explored...

Key Poses

Bakasana, sirsasana 2.



Course Overview


The Advanced Arm Balances course provides you with an overview of key advanced arm balancing postures taught from an Iyengar perspective. This group of poses typically provokes a range of reactions from students. For some, these asanas can seem impossibly out of reach. It is not unusual for students to feel demoralised. However, if they are taught clearly and incrementally, there is still a lot to be gained from many of the preparatory movements. Then, once some lift-off and balancing is achieved. they can become more enlivening and fun. The ongoing challenge becomes more enjoyable.

These poses promote wrist, arm, chest and abdominal strengthening. If they are performed purely with brute strength this can lead to an exaggerated sense of heaviness. In contrast, a rejuvenating feeling of lightness can arise if the postures are approached with an intelligent use of balance and economy of effort. The teaching in this course helps you to foster this sort of approach. It is packed with useful tips for progressing with key arm balances including eka hasta bhujasana, dwi hasta bhujasana, bhujapidasana, tittibhasana and bakasana.

Who is this course for?

  • Individuals looking to incorporate more challenging advanced poses into their home practice
  • Those looking to build strength and resilience
  • This is an advanced course – approximately two or more years of yoga experience is recommended

How will this course help?

This course will provide you with a foundation for learning key arm balancing postures, using the Iyengar method. Build confidence, strength and resilience as you progress with these advanced asanas.

What do I get from this course?

  • A comprehensive and structured approach to arm balancing postures at the advanced level
  • Essential foundations and key principles clearly communicated to help you go further on your yoga journey
  • Step by step tracking of your progression through the course
  • Email reminders to help keep you motivated and on track
  • Email support from your teacher


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