Bakasana From Sirsasana 2 – Weekly Advanced Class 124

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Bakasana is the sole focus of this weeks advanced class on Yoga Selection. The pose is featured in our tutorial style video that follows on from last weeks work with arm balances. Techniques from last weeks class are further explored as bakasana is practiced initially from the standing forward bend uttanasana. The class then shifts in the direction of linking three point headbalance (sirsasana 2) with bakasana. Preparatory stages are included for people who are new to the pose. This challenging but fun way of entering the pose is a good starting point for students interested in learning more about the arm balancing cycle made famous by BKS Iyengar in his “rooftop practice”. If you haven’t seen this iconic footage before it’s worth watching.

Key Poses

Bakasana, sirsasana 2.


bakasana from sirsasana 2

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