Salabhasana – Weekly Intermediate Class 285

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Salabhasana is a great pose for boosting energy and correcting bad posture. This class explores connections between salabhasana and a variety of poses from outside the backbend asana group. Salabhasana’s natural ability to open your chest and pull your shoulders back into healthy alignment is brought to standing poses by looping a belt around your wrists and using techniques directly related to this key backbend. The resulting action of resisting against the belt with arms paced behind your back helps to loosen potentially tight muscles in your upper chest and strengthen weak muscles in your upper back. In this way it will also help to alleviate rounded shoulders, collapsed chest, kyphosis, and forward head. Although persistent practice will be necessary to bring about permanent improvement, many people who are troubled by a stiff upper back and shoulders will get instant respite from practicing a sequence of poses such as this one. In addition to improving your overall postural awareness this class will also leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Key Poses



Mat, bolster, 2 blankets, two blocks, belt.

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