Shoulder Opening Twists – Weekly Advanced Class 271

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Shoulder opening twists. This class explores links between your shoulders and twisting yoga poses. This pairing can have a variety of beneficial outcomes. For people working with restricted shoulder mobility, an improved range of motion can often be found from the perspective of twists. Poor postural habits and imbalanced shoulder alignment can contribute towards impingement of the rotator cuff muscle group and lead towards a variety of potential problems. This class works to alleviate this by pulling your shoulders back and down into a healthy alignment. It emphasises actions that lengthen your pectorals and realign your shoulder blades. A variety of standing and seated twists are adapted to emphasise therapeutic shoulder effects.

Key Poses

Parivrtta trikonasana, bharadvajasana, marichyasana III, ardha matsyendrasana.


Mat, chair, 2 blocks, 2 blankets.
shoulder opening twists

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