Beginner Extension Course II

Learn yoga basics with expert guidance in this introductory beginners yoga course. The Beginner Extension Course II is the final instalment of the four-part Yoga Selection online beginners program. Progress from beginner to intermediate in 18 classes. Build a  safe and solid foundation for your yoga practice. Build upon your foundation as you then move to doing the intermediate classes on the Weekly Classes page.
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This set of four classes adds the final touches to preparing you for the intermediate level. There are still a few gaps needing to be filled in. Some poses have not yet been taken past the preparation stage, and a few other key poses are now ready to be introduced.

You will develop the preparation for headstand and hand stand further into full inversions. It is common to find these poses challenging but exhilarating. The ability to confidently perform these poses is not essential to progressing to the intermediate level, but knowing the most appropriate pose to use as an alternative is important. These tutorials will guide you in making these decisions.

You can supplement this course with the course on full arm balance, located in the courses section. This will give you an even more detailed understanding of this inversion.

As you complete all of the beginner courses, you will find that the range of poses in your repertoire expanding. It can be helpful to repeat this course and others in the beginner section, in order to consolidate what you have learned. When you are ready, move on to the intermediate weekly classes and more advanced courses to further explore and deepen your practice.

Class 5
This class teaches you how to develop the preparation for handstand and headstand into full inversions. Proceed according to your own capacity. For many people this is a step which takes some time to complete. The class then concentrates on the standing poses as a complete group.
Class 6
Develop the action of kicking up into handstand and headstand in class 6. Clear alternative poses are provided if needed. A few standing poses then lead you towards forward bends. Seated poses from this level and the previous levels are consolidated. Bharadvajasana, the kneeling twist, is explored. Importantly, this class teaches the first stages of the famous yoga pose Salamba Sarvangasana (shoulder stand). You will work with this pose more regularly from this point onwards.
Class 7
Start to challange yourself more as you practice kicking up into inverted poses. The early section of this class concentrates on handstand and headstand. From there the preparatory backbends are consolidated. The kneeling Ustrasana or camel pose is introduced. Towards the end of the class Sarvangasana (shoulderstand) is developed, you will learn a technique of using the wall to bring youself into the pose.

Class 8

This final class of the Beginner Extension series completes the process of getting you ready for the intermediate level. You will find this is a slower paced class. There are some shoulder opening alternatives that can be used instead of inverted poses. You are guided in how to set up a supported version of downward facing dog pose. Some supported twists and reclining leg stretches are included. Salamba sarvangasana (shoulderstand) is covered in depth. Then finish off with a longer savasana, looking at breath awareness and pranayama.