Basic Beginner Course

Learn yoga basics with expert guidance in this introductory beginners yoga course. The Basic Beginner Course is the first part of the four-part Yoga Selection online beginners program. Progress from beginner to intermediate in 18 classes. Build a  safe and solid foundation for your yoga practice. Build upon your foundation as you then move to doing the intermediate classes on the Weekly Classes page.  

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This course provides a strong foundation for anyone new to yoga or needing to re-visit basic principles. If this is you, start your Yoga Selection journey here. You might be looking for relief from back pain or some other discomfort. Perhaps you are interested in sport and want to improve your performance or minimise your injury risk. Maybe you need a tool to manage stress. These are all good reasons to give yoga a try. You will get a comprehensive and structured introduction to yoga using the Iyengar method. The essential foundations and key principles are clearly communicated to help you go further on your yoga journey. To find out more about learning Iyengar yoga online as a beginner, see our blog article Whilst doing this course, you will feel your body work in a way it may never have done before. Afterwards you will notice a feeling of calm. This is part of the positive effect yoga has on your mind. Keep practicing and you will begin to notice yourself changing. Get ready to start feeling like a more balanced and healthy version of yourself!
Class 1

Join Rod as he takes you through a step-by-step introduction to yoga. If you have never done yoga before, this is the best place to start. Experience what it feels like to open your chest. Learn how to balance on the soles of your feet. Start the process of getting stronger legs. In this class you are introduced to essential basic yoga techniques. Feel for yourself how yoga can stimulate the body and calm the mind.

Duration: 45 min

Class 2

The classes in this course evolve by consolidating what has already been learnt whilst adding some new poses and techniques. In Class 2 you continue to build a strong foundation whilst starting to look more closely at the concept of alignment. Expect that your legs will feel the strengthening effects of these poses and your hips will be starting to open. In this class you will be introduced to seated poses.

Duration: 45 min

Class 3

This class continues to build your understanding of the basic standing poses. The Standing poses are so important at this stage because of their corrective effect on the whole body. You will feel which areas need to be strengthened and which areas need to be opened. Start to apply the principles you are learning whilst standing on you feet to newer seated poses. Learn how to support your spine whilst in seated positions.

Duration: 45 min

Class 4

The previous classes have probably highlighted some stiffness in your shoulders. In this class we look more directly at how to go about improving the mobility of your shoulders. You will quickly notice how much tension is stored in this region and how releasing it can help to make many of the poses more accessible. In this class you will also begin to feel the restorative benefits of elevating your legs. Notice how you start to relax more deeply at the end of each class.

Duration: 45 min

Class 5

In this class we continue to work on improving shoulder mobility. You will be ready now to confidently approach downward facing dog pose. Continue to work on overall body strength and flexibility with an expanding range of standing and seated poses. Notice how your sense of balance is starting to improve. By this stage it is common to be feeling more energetic during the day and sleeping more peacefully at night. Work through this course at your own pace and move up to the next course when you feel ready.

Duration: 45 min