Basic Beginner Course II

Learn yoga basics with expert guidance in this introductory beginners yoga course. The Basic Beginner Course II is the second part of the four-part Yoga Selection online beginners program. Progress from beginner to intermediate in 18 classes. Build a  safe and solid foundation for your yoga practice. Build upon your foundation as you then move to doing the intermediate classes on the Weekly Classes page.
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These next five classes will complete your basic introduction to yoga and take you through to the next stage of your journey. As you continue,  you may start to notice yourself feeling stronger, more flexible, more energetic and less stressed. Your concentration may be more sustained. You might start to notice yourself being naturally drawn towards food, situations and people that are good for you. All of these benefits will naturally start to follow the more you practice.

Momentum plays a big part in deepening these glimpses you might be starting to experience. Build this momentum by progressively challenging yourself. Pushing too hard and feeling constantly out of your comfort zone is not likely to lead to a positive experience. Equally, it will be hard to experience any benefits from your practice if you are never out of your comfort zone.

This course is designed to help you find the right balance to confidently progress. You will be exploring new twisting poses, balancing in new standing poses and building your abdominal strength. Your practice will become habit-forming. 

Class 6

This class contains all the standing poses that you worked with in the previous course. You will be staying a bit longer in poses now. This is in part due to the fact that you are stronger, but also because you need that bit longer to apply your growing knowledge to each pose. This class introduces some fundamental concepts about how to twist in yoga poses. New twisting movements are explored in both standing and seated positions.

Duration: 45 min

Class 7

By this stage you may be noticing an improvement in your hip mobility. Up until this point, hip work has mainly taken place in standing positions. In this class you will further develop this with the standing pose Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon Pose). Then start to explore hip work via a new seated pose. The basic techniques of standing and seated twists are further consolidated.

Duration: 45 min

Class 8

Your overall posture by this stage, has likely begun to improve. Having stronger leg muscles, and more open hips and shoulders helps to achieve this. Notice how having stronger legs starts to make you lower back feel more supported in the coming weeks. A group of leg strengthening poses are included in this sequence. This class also looks at techniques for improving Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog Pose). Start to feel the rejuvenating effect of elevating your legs and relaxing at the end of each class.

Duration: 45 min

Class 9

This class devotes more time to seated poses. A sound understanding of these basic seated poses will effortlessly lead you towards some of the more advanced seated poses at a later stage. In this class you will be working with new seated poses that help bring mobility to the hips, knees and ankles. Some abdominal strengthening poses enter the course in this class. The standing twist parivrtta trikonasana is also explored more closely.

Duration: 45 min

Class 10

This final class will give you a taste of what to expect from the next course – The Beginner Extension Course. You will be introduced to new inverted poses which are practiced regularly in the next level. These poses incorporate upper body strength with shoulder and wrist mobility. These poses will be fun but challenging when first encountered. They are developed more fully in the beginner extension courses. As many poses as possible from the Basic Beginner level are included in this class. Up until this point there has not been an emphasis placed on breath awareness. However, a new chest opening pose is looked at towards the end of the class which is an ideal position from which to begin observing the breath.

Duration: 45 min