Standing Poses With Dowelling – Weekly Intermediate Class 301

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This sequence introduces a simple standing pose routine that incorporates the use of a length of doweling as a yoga prop. The doweling can easily be sourced or improvised from common household objects such as broomsticks or utensils. In this class, various techniques are demonstrated to harness the therapeutic benefits of using a doweling during your yoga practice. This prop proves particularly advantageous for individuals with limited mobility in their upper back. By gripping the doweling with both hands behind the back, as many poses in this sequence suggest, you can enhance leverage to mobilise the upper back. Consequently, this can promote greater freedom of movement in the neck and shoulders. The class is especially beneficial for those with kyphosis or a rounded upper back, as well as students experiencing neck problems. Additionally, it offers a fresh perspective on poses from the standing asana group, making it valuable for anyone seeking new insights in their practice.

Key Poses

Standing poses.


Mat, dowelling (or belt), 2 blocks, blanket.
standing poses with dowelling

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