Kneeling Shoulder Poses – Weekly Intermediate Class 55

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This class is the second in our series of yoga poses for shoulders. It groups together shoulder poses that can be practiced from a kneeling position. The action of kneeling (virasana or vajrasana) is not necessarily intrinsic to all of the poses. Some of the arm variations in the class could also be done from a standing or seated position. The poses are linked with kneeling in order to gather a range of shoulder opening movements, that can be conveniently practiced in succession, without continually needing to change the position of your legs.

The class can be practiced as a stand alone class to improve shoulder mobility, or combined with other classes to build a more extensive practice sequence.

Key Poses

adho mukha virasana, vajarasana, parvatasana, garudasana arms, gomukhasana arms


Mat, chair, 3 blankets, 2 blocks, belt

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40 Min

Standing Shoulder Poses – Weekly Intermediate Class 56