Yoga For The Neck – Weekly Advanced Class 219

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This class features yoga poses for your neck. It includes specific poses and variations that will help to release your neck and improve its range of motion. It also offers suggestions on how to modify or adapt poses that can commonly be problematic for people practicing with neck difficulties. A good starting point for improving the health of your neck is to improve the mobility of the neighbouring thoracic spine and shoulders. Many of the poses in this sequence will also concentrate on the upper back and shoulders in addition to the neck. Supported backbends are ideal poses for accessing these three regions. Some neck friendly chair backbend variations are included in the sequence. The class also shows you how to use yoga belts to create a shoulder harness that can help to release your neck. This therapeutic harness is then incorporated into some standing poses. Some neck friendly chair twists are included in the sequence, as are some reclining poses that help to give a gentle traction to the neck.

Key Poses

Uttanasana, tadasana with belt harness, viparita dandasana, savasana.


Mat, 1 or 2 chairs, 2 bolsters, 2 blankets, 2 blocks, 2 belts. . 
Yoga for the neck

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