Chaturanga Dandasana – Weekly Intermediate Class 180

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This class features chaturanga dandasana. This pose can be notoriously difficult for many people. A certain amount of upper body strength is required to be able to hold and sustain this pose. If this is not one of your natural assets then it is quite likely you will struggle with chaturanga. In addition to being demanding on your chest muscles the pose also challenges your shoulders, arms, abdominals and leg muscles. On top of this, coordination is required to be able to simultaneously engage all of these areas. Despite being a challenging pose, chaturanga dandasana can often inspire curiosity rather than avoidance. With perseverance and persistence subtle layers can start to appear in actions that initially appeared to involve only brute strength. Even if you are currently unable to hold the unassisted version of this pose you can still practice and benefit from the various chaturanga modifications and preparatory poses that help to strengthen your whole body. This class includes a comprehensive exploration of chaturanga dandasana. It shares helpful tips and troubleshoots problems that are commonly encountered.

Key Poses

Chaturanga dandasana.


Mat, 2 chairs, 2 blocks.

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