Yoga Poses For Swimmers – Weekly Intermediate Class 103

Focus: This class groups together a sequence of shoulder and arm related poses that will be helpful for swimmers. Although swimming uses a range of muscles located throughout the entire body, this particular class focuses on poses that help to improve shoulder mobility and arm reach. All the main upper body muscles that are involved in swimming such as the triceps, pectorals, deltoids and latissimus dorsi are targeted in this 30 minute video. It will benefit swimmers who are new to yoga, as well as more experienced practitioners who are looking to focus on their shoulders and arms. Both classical poses and therapeutic adaptations of poses are included in the class.

Key Poses: Garudasana, gomukhasana, chair ustrasana, urdhva baddhanguliyasana.

Equipment: Mat, chair, blanket, belt.

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 30 min

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