Yoga For Tight Glutes – Weekly Intermediate Class 317

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Yoga For Tight Gluteals. Your gluteal muscles, located in your buttock region, are essential for strength, stability, and mobility in your body. However, many people struggle with tightness in these muscles, which can create challenges in certain yoga poses. This class focuses on improving the mobility of your gluteal muscles, offering therapeutic benefits for conditions like hip bursitis and enhancing your ability to perform forward-bending yoga poses. It troubleshoots common problems that can arise for people with limited gluteal mobility. Whether you’re dealing with tight glutes or aiming to make progress in your practice, our class includes poses designed to relieve stiffness and help you achieve your goals.

Key Poses

Eka pada rajakapotasana, sukhasana.


Mat, chair, bolster, 3 blankets.
yoga for tight glutes

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