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The Yoga Selection Story

Yoga Selection was created in 2016 with a mission to become the most comprehensive Iyengar Yoga training resource available online. With over 400 classes, 80 sequences and 32 courses, there is always a way to further deepen your understanding of Iyengar yoga.

As the builders of the first dedicated platform to bring Iyengar yoga to the online world and creators of the world’s first Iyengar Yoga App, we are proud to be pioneers at the forefront of the online education revolution. With a focus on being progressive, forward-looking, creative and curious, we love exploring new ways of learning and enjoy the benefits that this brings to all our members.

The website originally began as a boutique membership site for Iyengar practitioners, and is now accessed by members in more than 50 countries worldwide, catering to all levels and abilities. Yoga Selection offers the world’s largest video library of Iyengar yoga classes. We strive to be welcoming and generous. That’s why we also provide abundant free resources, personalised member support and authentic teaching to help you get results.

By creating structured and rigorous online classes to suit all bodies and abilities, more and more people get to experience the therapeutic benefits of Iyengar Yoga. Whether you are an absolute beginner or an advanced practitioner, Yoga Selection has so much to offer. With a dedicated beginners’ section, courses, in-depth tutorials, weekly intermediate and advanced classes and our growing sequence library, the possibilities for exploring and expanding your practice are endless.

What is Iyengar Yoga?

Iyengar Yoga is a popular style of yoga based on the teachings of contemporary Indian yoga master B.K.S. Iyengar. The method emphasises precision and alignment. Iyengar yoga teachers understand the practical and therapeutic effects of the various yoga poses. This knowledge is used to create tailored and coherent sequences that impart specific physical and mental benefits.

The training and certification process is renowned for its rigour. This ensures that all certified teachers have a high standard of technical understanding and teaching experience. This detailed and structured system for learning yoga can be easily adapted to suit the needs of individuals of all ages and body types.

Stay motivated. Get support when you need it.

Staying motivated to practice yoga regularly can be challenging. That’s why our learning system helps you track your progress, sends you email reminders and assists you in taking the next step.

Need additional support? Our Iyengar Yoga expert can provide individual guidance over email.

About Rod Stennard

Rod Stennard is the founder of Yoga Selection. He has been practicing yoga for over 28 years and been an Iyengar yoga teacher since 2002. He has trained under many of the most senior Iyengar yoga teachers from around the world, including members of the Iyengar family at the Ramamani Memorial Iyengar Yoga Institute in Pune, India. He is a certified Junior Intermediate Level 2 Iyengar teacher.

Rod is passionate about helping people from all backgrounds and levels of ability to access the benefits of yoga. He has an interest in yoga therapy and has been able to apply his knowledge of remedial yoga in specialised settings, such as his ongoing work with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

Iyengar Yoga Teacher

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Our two membership options offer incredible value for money. For less than the cost of a single studio class per month, you get access to everything you need to get your home yoga practice up and running. Joining is easy and you can cancel at any time.


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Unlimited app access with free downloads, apple TV compatibility, discussion groups and more


Members from over 50 countries worldwide use Yoga Selection to build their yoga practice.

Hear what our members have to say

“I have really enjoyed your presentation of classes and instagram sequences... Thanks for your generous contribution to learning Iyengar yoga. You are a wonderful resource for my teaching and practice. ”

Ruby (USA)

“ Thank you so much for all the work and energy you put into Yoga Selection. I am a devoted Iyengar practitioner and teacher here in WA and it is an invaluable resource. Your teaching is clear, concise and very detailed. The sequences are wonderful. My favourite one so far has been the sequence to lift your mood.”

Sam (Australia)

“ Rod has been my yoga teacher for several years, and I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every class. Rod is an amazing teacher, and his knowledge of the discipline is second to none…. The online classes are very user friendly and cover all topics of yoga. Depending on the time available, I can either pick a short course on a specific pose, or follow a full class very similar to that of a yoga studio. ”

Pierre (France)

“Thank you Rod. Your offerings are very inspiring. I love the presentation. I have been hoping to find something like this for a long time.... you are quite neutral as a teacher, it’s about the yoga experience and not you.”

Geraldine (USA)

“ I want to thank you for all of your hard work, devotion and time you have taken to ensure Iyengar Yoga continues spreading throughout the world! Your work, information and pleasant presentations are truly great! Namaste. ”

Janet (Canada)

“ Hi Rod, I found you searching Iyengar classes near me (alas, none within driving distance), and then saw your beginner’s sequence for back pain. I practiced with it several times, and my body loved it so much I taught it to my yoga class. I just signed up for your 14-day trial, and took my first class. Thank you SO much for yogaselection.com. What a fabulous resource! I look forward to exploring all you have created here, and sharing it as I’m able. In gratitude. ”

Kate (USA)

“ Thanks, Rod, for providing us with such a great resource for Iyengar Yoga!”

Dana (USA)

“ I tried to install a regular home practice but found it difficult to get back into it, all on my own at home. That changed when I discovered Yoga Selection. It really helped and motivated me - so much that I accepted the 100 days yoga every day challenge... with the help of your classes.”

Katrin (Germany)

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