Towards Padmasana – Weekly Intermediate Class 170

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This class features a sequence to help you progress towards padmasana (lotus pose). It includes poses, variations and techniques that are commonly used within the Iyengar method. The sequence develops methodically. It introduces padmasana initially in a reclining position where you are able to explore the pose whilst minimising the risk of straining your knees. A wide-kneed version of the pose called kamalasana is then practiced sitting on a support. This lets you focus on the external hip rotation that is a prerequisite for progressing towards the full pose. The class proceeds incrementally. At each stage you can either stay and consolidate or move forwards according to your own capacity. The class will serve as an introduction to padmasana and its related poses for intermediate students who are looking to expand their knowledge of seated asanas. More experienced students will also benefit from the class and will be able to use it to improve hip, ankle and knee mobility.

Key Poses

Ardha baddha padma paschimottanasana, ardha padmasana, kamalasana.


Mat, bolster, blanket.

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