Yoga For Beginners

Learn yoga basics with expert guidance in the Yoga For Beginners course. This course is the first instalment in a brand new series of six courses – designed to provide beginners with a solid foundation in Iyengar yoga. The Yoga Selection beginners program is the most comprehensive and structured beginners yoga program available online. This updated, brand new series of courses provides beginners with an even more extensive and graded introduction to yoga, without the need to visit a yoga studio. Build a stable base upon which you can continue to expand your yoga practice and benefit for years to come. Once you have completed the six-part Yoga For Beginners series, make a seamless transition to the Yoga Selection intermediate level Weekly Classes.

Who is this course for?
  • Individuals new to yoga
  • Those new to Iyengar yoga
  • Anyone needing to re-visit basic yoga principles

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How will learning yoga help me?

People try yoga for varying reasons. You might be looking for relief from back pain or some other discomfort. Perhaps you are interested in sport and want to improve your performance or minimise your injury risk. Maybe you need a tool to manage stress. These are all good reasons to give yoga a try.

Whilst doing this course, you will feel your body work in a way it may never have done before. Afterwards you will notice a feeling of calm. This is part of the positive effect yoga has on your mind. Keep practicing and you will begin to notice yourself changing. You may start to notice feeling stronger, more flexible, more energetic and less stressed. Your concentration may be more sustained. Get ready to start feeling like a more balanced and healthy version of yourself!

To find out more about learning Iyengar yoga online as a beginner, see our blog article

What do I get from this course?
  • A comprehensive and structured introduction to yoga using the Iyengar method
  • Essential foundations and key principles clearly communicated to help you go further on your yoga journey
  • Step by step tracking of your progression through the course
  • Email reminders to help keep you motivated and on track
  • Email support from your teacher

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Course Progress

Yoga For Beginners - Class 1

Focus: Becoming aware of the way that you stand is a great starting point when you begin learning yoga. You may not realise that your feet turn out. You might lean forwards, or to one side. Your shoulders might push forwards. Your chest might collapse. Your spine might sink. This class will give you an insight into starting to see and feel your body as it really is. It then teaches you, step by step, how to realign and rebalance. It gives you the tools to strengthen the parts of your body that may need to be strengthened. It shows you how to bring elasticity to areas of the body that may have become inflexible. It will help you to feel more energetic and confident with how you hold your body. This first class in the Yoga For Beginners Course will get you up and practicing yoga. The benefits will soon begin to follow.
Key Poses: Tadasana, urdhva hastasana, trikonasana, Virabhadrasana II, vajarasana.
Equipment: Mat, blanket.
Level: Beginner
Duration: 55 min

Yoga For Beginners - Class 2

Focus:This beginners course progresses with the gradual addition of new poses and the continuing consolidation of existing poses. In addition to introducing fundamental yoga concepts, the main objective of the poses at this stage is to strengthen your legs and improve mobility around your hips.This will help you to keep a more upright spine and open chest. The majority of poses in the course at this stage come from the standing pose group. These poses are both strengthening and corrective. Seated poses will start to also be introduced in the coming classes.
Key Poses: Urdhva baddhanguliyasana, parsvakonasana, prasarita padottanasana, dandasana.
Equipment: Mat, 2 blankets, 2 blocks .
Level: Beginner
Duration: 55 min

Yoga For Beginners - Class 3

Focus: Your yoga practice starts to gain a more dynamic quality in this class as you learn the option of jumping into some of the standing poses. This can help to leave you feeling more energised and alert after your session. Some of the foundation poses from the first two classes such as trikonasana and virabhadrasana II are now explored with more of an emphasis on alignment and precision. Newer poses such as parsvottanasana are introduced in terms of simple points and basic shapes. Iyengar Yoga is an ongoing process of refinement. Your understanding gradually deepens as you continue to practice.
Key Poses: Parsvottanasana, dandasana.
Equipment: Mat, bolster, 2 blankets, 2 blocks, belt.
Level: Beginner
Duration: 55 min

Yoga For Beginners - Class 4

Focus: In addition to consolidating poses learnt in the previous classes, Class 4 introduces the standing pose Virabhadrasana I. This pose will be great for strengthening your legs, but also for leaning about how to care for your spine. The precision and alignment in Iyengar Yoga has many therapeutic applications. Many poses can be adapted where necessary to make them more accessible to a greater range of bodies, personalities and ages. The restorative side of this yoga method is introduced towards the end of this class when you lie down with your legs elevated. Yoga can also be very effective in helping to reduce stress and anxiety.
Key Poses: Virabhadrasana I, simple cross leg twist, legs up the wall.
Equipment: Mat, 2 blankets, 2 blocks, belt.
Level: Beginner
Duration: 55 min

Yoga For Beginners - Class 5

Focus: This class begins by introducing a pose that will be ideal to use at the start of each sequence. Whenever specific yoga equipment is used in the course, as is the case with this pose, alternatives are suggested for people who do not have access to props. Common objects from around the home will often work just as well in the beginning. Some great poses for improving shoulder mobility are introduced at this point. A version of the famous pose adho mukha svanasana (downward facing dog pose) is also included for the first time. This is an ideal pose for learning how to improve hamstring flexibility without putting strain on your spine. It will be a key pose to regularly practice, and will be further developed in coming classes. Seated poses are gradually being included more at this stage in the course. The kneeling seated pose virasana is introduced here. It can be helpful in terms of improving the overall health of your knees. A balanced Iyengar Yoga sequence at this level will include a range of poses from the standing, seated and restorative groups.
Key Poses: Adho mukha svanasana, garudasana and gomukhasana arm variations, virasana.
Equipment: Mat, chair, bolster, 2 blankets, 2 belts.
Level: Intermediate
Duration: 60 min


  1. Luca R

    I started and already made 2 classes but on the top my course status is not started. What I have to do to start it?
    Thanks and thank you!

    • Rod

      Hi Luca,

      Thanks for your question. Great to hear you are well on your way with this course.

      Did you press the “mark as complete” button on the class page? You can go back and do this after completing the class. Once you press this you will see some movement on the progress bar.

      Please let me know if you have any further difficulty.

      Best wishes,


      • Luca R

        Dear Rod,

        Today I’ll finish the 5 lessons for yoga for beginner, could you suggest me the next step to do?
        Thank you and congratulation for the amazing course!
        Best wishes from Italy,

        • Rod

          Hi Luca,

          Thanks for your kind feedback about the beginners course. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I would encourage you to explore the full range of beginners classes.

          From the Basic Beginners Course you can head to the Basic Beginners Course II and then to the Beginner Extension Courses I and II. All of these classes can be found in the Beginners section of the website.

          From there you will be ready to join in with the intermediate classes that are released each week.

          Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance at any point.

          I hope you enjoy the remainder of classes.

          Best wishes,

  2. Jorge C

    after this 5 clases with which clases do you recomend tocontinue?

    • Rod

      Hi Jorge,

      Thank you for your question. This course is the first in a new series of beginner courses. The others have not yet been made. However the content is very similar to the Basic Beginners and Beginner Extension courses. The Yoga For Beginners series is shot in our new studio and will also be more detailed and extensive eventually. So in the meantime you can combine it with our other existing beginners courses and they should complement each other well.

      Best wishes,


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